Simplicity- shutting off the computer and picking up a pen.

So I’m checking out Google Buzz trying to figure out how yet another application is going to make my life easier. I have a website, video blog, youtube channel, personal facebook, facebook fanpage for my business, facebook page for my vlog, twitter account, tweetdeck AND hootsuite (to manage my many update channels), and multiple emails, which just increased when I signed up for gmail to create my Google buzz account.

I’m just thinking how ridiculous it all is that I now am trying to learn ANOTHER social media program to manage the multiple programs that I use to manage my multiple social media outlets!! And people wonder why I like writing with pens!!! They’re just so damn simple, unlike life online. On top of all that, I’m trying to now figure out the best way to backup my personal and vlog video footage…looking at a multi-drive RAID NAS, which apparently DOESN’T work with Time Machine….and my Macbook doesn’t have eSata or Firewire so I need gigabit ethernet, which will require a switch so I can share both computers since I still have a PC desktop that I have to use but only for my printer which I just refilled the black ink cartridge AGAIN, but it’s not recognizing it because Lexmark is the devil and programs their cartridges to fail unless you pay for them with your firstborn child, and since I just switched Quickbooks to my Mac and I’m no longer using my desktop for anything but printing….and even though I’ll have to drop $400, I can’t use the NAS for intermittent updates unless I figure out some other program that will do it besides Time Machine which will cost more money if it even works, and if I transfer large amounts of data like video then I’ll have to plug in directly to the NAS to get a faster transfer speed……….
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And people wonder why I think pens, paper, and ink are so simple?

Bottom line here people is that there comes a point when you can overcomplicate simplicity. People ask me all the time how I’m able to run an entire business selling nothing but pens, ink, and paper, which is so passe to most people. But in an age where you have devices like the iPhone with tens of thousands of applications that are all designed to make life simpler or more convenient, we become overwhelmed by all of the ‘simplicity’ being programmed for our ever increasing number of electronic devices.

But writing is constant. Since cavepeople wrote in the sand with sticks, the fundamentals of the art of writing has never changed. You are still holding something in your hand and making squiggly lines to get a feeling or idea across from yourself to another person. When I write a letter to someone, I care about who they are, what their name is, and what their world is all about. In the online world there’s just something lost in the translation that no number of emoticons can fill. As we become more integrated online and more detached from the physical world, the art of manuscript and the physical correspondence of letters will become ever more meaningful.

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  • ke4pcx

    Yes. I enjoy playing with technology. Ham radio, Computers, advanced avionics in aircraft, gadgets in general.

    However I love the simple tool that simply works again and again without complex failure modes. Fountain pens and paper… Morse Code, aircraft "steam" gauges.

  • Jeremy

    Write on, brother.
    How unreliable and annoying can technology be ??/
    In the amount of time it takes to learn how to save time, we may never have bothered in the first instance.

    Pens rule, OK!

  • Breck

    There is also just SO much to read! I'm just now getting around to this essay of yours from 2010! (It's September 2012). I'm with you on the unnecessary complications of on-line-ism. No thanks. I only have a Facebook so I can keep track of my sons, and the occasional friend.