Clairefontaine Life.Unplugged. Notebook Elastic Band Hack

A customer of mine, Lauren Irby, received her handwritten thank you note that I wrote her with the new Clairefontaine Life.Unplugged. notebooks that she ordered from (my online store). She took my request for feedback very literally and felt inspired to create a hack, out of nothing but the sheer goodness of her heart. When I read her very detailed and interesting description on what she planned to do, I asked if she wanted to ‘guest blog’ here on Ink Nouveau, and voilá! So here is the official guest blogger introduction for Lauren Irby!

I appreciate the shout-out Lauren gave in her article, though since they’re scanned PDF’s her links aren’t clickable! Here is her review on the Fountain Pen Network, and the link to my site (she has no affiliation with me other than being a satisfied customer and now a guest blogger) A special thanks to her for putting together this hack, for all of the time and effort that went into documenting this for the sheer goodwill of us all. Thank Lauren yourself by sending her an email at, or send a direct message to irbyls on the Fountain Pen Network.

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