Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ink Blot #01- Salvaging a Sealing Wax Stick

Ever wonder how to use that last little stub from a stick of sealing wax? It's pretty simple really....melt the end of it and adhere it to the next wax stick! Watch the vid, it's short ;)

Link to YouTube for iPhones and full-screen viewing.


  1. If you don't have another wax stick in the same color, you can stick your small piece of wax stick to a candle.  When that piece as melted down very close to the candle, cut or snap the wax stick piece off and melt it in an old spoon ... pour it on your envelope.  This way you use all of your wax stick!

  2. A great piece of advice, I appreciate the tip!

  3. Absolutely cool, and clever! Thanks

  4. Soooo utterly simple!!!!


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