Ustream Tuesdays at 2:22- April 13, 2010

The second broadcast of my show “Ustream Tuesdays at 2:22” went great! **It’s since changed to Write Time at 9, every Tuesday night at 9pm EST I covered a variety of topics including the differences between the Clairefontaine Grafit sketchpad and the Rhodia R16000 blank pad, and a viewing of the 30 J. Herbin fountain pen ink colors in my watercolor drawings using the J. Herbin Creapen. I showed the difference between the 3 sizes of Pelikan Script pens, inking up the 2.0mm with Bouton D’or, testing it as a ‘highlighter’. Works well!

I introduced my wife and 11-week old son! They are both an integral part of helping me logistically and inspirationally to do what I do everyday.

The video is just over an hour long, and I’m completely unedited….not in a bad way, but in a ‘real life’ kind of way. People tell me they forget that the ones they communicate with on the internet are ‘normal people with real lives’…I don’t know how ‘normal’ I am, but I am certainly real 😉

I’m looking to do another weekly hour long broadcast….so let me know when works best for you! Nights…weekends….whenever you’re available I’m willing to broadcast for you.

Tune in to my Ustream broadcast live every Tuesday afternoon at 2:22pm (EST) to see me and chat with me. **It’s since changed to Write Time at 9, every Tuesday night at 9pm EST

Watch the video here or on Ustream.

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