Spiritual Evolution of the Bean: Review: Leuchtturm New “Ink Proof” Journal – Blank

During last night’s Ustream broadcast, several of you mentioned Leuchtturm notebooks, and how their new ‘inkproof’ paper may rival Moleskines and Rhodia Webnotebooks. You pointed to Stephanie’s review of them on her blog, which I was able to read for the first time this morning.

Stephanie does pretty thorough reviews and is always very practical in her approach. She puts her journals through real-life tests and thinks of the practical features that will be useful in everyday writing. After having read her review, I have to admit I am underwhelmed with the Leuchtturm, and I’ll tell you why.

Though the body of the journal and the price are both nice and appealing, to me it’s all about the paper. This is why I haven’t been a fan of Moleskines. To me it’s like having a nice car that drives like crap….who cares what it looks like? I want it to WORK. Though the Leuchtturm (I have to look up the word every time I need to spell it!) paper seems to be better than it was, and is much better than the Moleskines I have experienced, they are still lacking. I simply cannot tolerate feathering of any kind. Maybe I’ve just used too much Clairefontaine and I’ve become accustomed to having any pen/ink combo working wonderfully on my paper. What a frustration it is to have to limit nib sizes or ink brands/colors so your writing won’t feather or bleed on your paper! That is simply unacceptable to me. I want to be able to throw the wettest writing ink in a Pelikan Script 2.0 and go to town without worrying about the paper’s performance (or lack thereof) affecting my writing. To me the paper is like a canvas….a painter doesn’t limit their paints and paintbrushes based on the performance of their canvas, right? The canvas takes whatever the painter puts on it….so the painter has total freedom to do what s/he wants! Paper is my canvas, and I want it to be able to take any nib/ink combo I feel like using!

So in my conclusion, though the Leuchtturm seems to be a step up and will be acceptable for some, it’s less than impressive to me. Even still though, I would like to get my hands on one myself and give it a torture test to see what it’s really made of!

Check out Stephanie’s great review:
Spiritual Evolution of the Bean: Review: Leuchtturm New “Ink Proof” Journal – Blank

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  • Hi Brian –

    Much thanks for recognizing my review. I agree – your paper should be able to be used with any pen/ink combination you desire. I can remember back to my Mole days actually getting rid of bottles of ink that didn't "work" with their paper. Took me a while to come around, but once you find something that works, it's hard to go back.