10 New Diamine Colors!

Yes, that’s right…as if there weren’t too many temptations already! Diamine just released 10 new colors, 2 of which have been on their website for a couple of months (Amazing Amethyst and Sherwood Forest), the other 8 are brand spanking new. Here they are! (These swabs are taken from Diamine’s website, I do not have the inks on hand yet)

Amazing Amethyst:

Asa Blue:





Red Dragon:

Sherwood Forest:

Syrah (aka Binder Burgundy). Apparently Richard Binder developed his own color which became commonly known as Binder Burgundy by mixing Sheaffer Red with Waterman Violette. Word is he worked with Diamine to make Syrah to match his mixture:


My Diamine importer in the US (not sure if there are others or not) is taking a ‘staggered’ approach to bringing in the new colors. They’re planning to bring in these 5 colors within the next month:


Next month they’ll place in another order for the rest of the colors, which should arrive in October sometime:

Asa Blue
Red Dragon
Amazing Amethyst
Sherwood Forest

HOWEVER, they gave me the chance to get all of the new colors in this next shipment (to arrive mid-late August), which I quickly jumped all over! I’ll be getting in 10 bottles (80ml) of all 10 of these new colors (to start). I have NO idea how fast they’ll go once I get them in, and I will be adding them to my Swab Shop as well once I have them in hand. I will only have 10 each of the latter 5 inks for the month or so period in between when I get them and when the US distributor starts to carry them regularly. Email me if you want me to let you know when I have a given color in stock (of course, I’ll be blogging about it too!).

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  • Oh man I need that Syrah! I was going to order some J Herbin Cacao du Bresil, but now I'll just wait til the Syrah comes in too.

  • Gaaaaaah! These are gorgeous!!! Syrah, Oxblood, Twilight and Green-black are calling to me already. As if I didn't have enough ink, and as if Diamine didn't have enough mouth-watering colors!!!

    Do you carry the smaller 30-ml bottles, by any chance?

  • Sam

    Those reds and the Syrah look amazing! I can't wait until those are available!

  • I might as well just hand over my next paycheck to you. :p I see at least 3 or 4 of these that are probably going on my "must have" list, on top of everything else that's already on that list!

  • Hmm, all those red swatches make me wonder if Diamine is trying to make a rival to (or capitalize on the success of) J. Herbin's Rouge Hematite… ūüėČ

    It's too bad both Oxblood and Red Dragon are probably under their "New Century" line. I have a bottle of Vermilion‚ÄĒit's a wonderful color, but almost unusably sensitive to hand oils! So I'm wary of buying anything that isn't "Old English"…

  • Are these in the New Century Line or the standard Diamine line? Thanks

  • michaelge, I'm going to be doing a blog post about this very topic soon. Basically, there is no 'New Century' or 'Old English' anymore. All of the inks (new and old) are being sold as just 'Diamine'.

  • I am most eager to know when these will be available to purchase in your ink sample option.

  • I am most eager to know when these will be available to purchase in your ink sample option.