A special thanks once again to Julie from Okami Whatever for her guest blog ink review. This time she tested out Diamine Registrar’s, which is a bit of a different breed of fountain pen ink. It’s what’s known as an iron gall ink, which is an ink intended for permanence and archiving. The most permanent ink in the world is what was used to write the Dead Sea Scrolls, and though it’s properties are not entirely known, it is an iron gall ink. Registrar’s will behave a little different than normal fountain pen inks, most notably it will be harder to clean from your pens. I would not advise using Registrar’s ink in your most valuable or vintage pens, as they are prone to stain if left in your pens for extended periods of time and clog them if not cleaned regularly. Though Registrar’s is a little more of a hassle, it pays off if you need a waterproof ink that will last for decades if not centuries.  Diamine Registrar’s is more expensive than regular fountain pen ink, and is available at The Goulet Pen Company in 2ml samples for $1.75, 30ml bottles for $15.50 and 100ml bottles for $29.50.

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