Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Reads 8/28/10


Iroshizuko Kon-Peki vs. Diamine Mediterranean Blue vs Diamine Asa Blue- DizzyPen

Noodler's Red- The Harmless Dilettante

Noodler's American Ell Turquoise- The Harmless Dilettante

Noodler's Violet- The Harmless Dilettante

Nipping Ink Hoarding in the Nib- Peaceable Writer


Moleskine Folio Inkjet/Laser Printer Paper- Office Supply Geek

Origin of the Webbie- Rhodia Drive

(CRAZY comprehensive) Rhodia Webbie v3 Review- Peaceable Writer

Win an Academic Year Planner!- Quo Vadis Blog


Tale of a Vandal Pen User: Reflections on Acquiring Pens- Peaceable Writer

Stipula Passaporto Miami Sunset- Okami Whatever


The Lore of Wax- Scribblets 

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