Thanks to John for putting together this guest review for us. You can see John’s comparison to Diamine Emerald here. If you’re interested in doing your own guest blog on Ink Nouvea, just email me!~Brian Goulet

I have never been a green person, but I have recently been warming up to some greens.  Basically, I’m starting to like some non-standard greens.  This ink review was done with a Pelikan m215 with Binder Italifine nib, which has a 0.9mm cursive italic on the front side and fine round tip on the backside of the nib.  It is a pretty wet writer, so YMMV (your mileage may vary) when using this ink in fountain pens with varying flows.  I used two papers for this green.  The white paper used is 90g Clairefontaine in the small Unplugged Staplebound Duo, which is excellent.  The off-white paper is G Lalo.

The flow of the ink is excellent on these papers.  It shades pretty well in both wet and dry writers, so if you hate shading this won’t be the ink for you.  I love shading, so it’s just another plus for me. There is no bleedthrough or feathering on this paper.  This green seems is a cooler green with a touch of gray.  If you prefer warmer greens, you may not like this one. 

You can see below how the ink looks on a wider nib (0.9mm cursive italic) and a narrower nib (fine round tip).

I have found the drying time for the ink to be very good in most cases.  That said, a wet writer on high-quality paper is probably going to take a good bit longer as the image below shows.  Yet, the fine tip dried very quickly even on both papers.

As far as water resistance is concerned, it’s not really suited to withstand water.  I didn’t do a soak test, but I did drop a few drops of water on the page and wipe it off with a napkin, which is probably what I would do if I got water on my notebook while writing at a cafe.  For those instances, the ink seemed to fare decently.  At least I can still read the text.  Note that the ink was fully dried before applying the water.

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