Changing a Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball Tip

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Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball Tip Replacement

Noodler’s just came out with the Nib Creaper Rollerball pen, a refillable rollerball pen that uses fountain pen ink! It’s a really cool pen and one I’ve enjoyed playing with. One of the best things about it is that the tip is replaceable in case you accidentally drop or damage it.

Here’s the pen:

It’s a clear demonstrator piston-filling rollerball pen. It uses the same fountain pen ink you (likely) already have.

 The feed is threaded and unscrews from the body of the pen.

The part that you actually receive when you purchase the replacement nib is only the rollerball tip and wick, not the ebonite feed (just be aware of that!). I know many people were anticipating using the replacement tips to convert other pens to rollerballs, but the replacement tip is only for the rollerball pen.

 Removing the tip from the feed couldn’t really be easier. A pair of pliers and a little tug will take care of it!

To put the new one in, just push it in with your fingers (don’t push the tip of the rollerball against anything hard, otherwise you might end up damaging the tip you just replaced!).

Then screw the feed back into the body. Done!

Then you’re all set!

Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball pens ($14) and replacement tips ($0.50) are available at

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  • Can you please explain the name of the pen "Nib Creaper"?

  • Brian,
    Do the replacement rollerball tips come in different sizes yet? If not, have you heard anything to suggest that they will offer different sizes? I like .5 mm, but sometimes .7, 1.1 are great too.

  • Any idea of life expectancy on one of these nibs, barring accident?

  • Stine, the Nib Creaper refers more to the fountain pen. Clearly, there is no actual 'nib creep' on a rollerball. The body of this rollerball pen is the same as that of the Nib Creaper (play on the Grim Reaper) fountain pen. I'll be explaining all of this more in a comprehensive Noodler's pen review coming soon. Here's Nathan's explanation on his website:

    Surfbits, not yet! I'm asking about them but had heard nothing so far. I would love a broader rollerball myself, so I'll keep bugging 😉

    Sheila, it's obviously going to vary based on use and maintenance, but I've been told by the distributor not to expect to have to replace it very often with normal use. It might be a good idea to grab a tip or two just to keep on hand, because they are so cheap. I know if you drop the pen right on the tip, it's probably going to be screwed up!

  • Tim


    How easy is it to change ink colors? I'm assuming you need to clean the 'wick', but does it clean easily or would you need a new one?

  • So far I've only changed colors within the same 'family' (blues), but it's easy to do others. You just flush it like you do with any fountain pen. Nathan recommends on his site to clean the pen with 1/4 household ammonia, 3/4 water mixture when changing colors.

  • Michael

    Is there a write out life estimated as like when the Mega Ink Ball came out and Yafa said it had an estimated writing life in KM. Obviously it's not critical as they're very inexpensive but I'm not one of the non-mechanically inclined and hope I won't have to change mine.

  • Michael, nothing like that has come out. Being that Noodler's is a one-man operation, I doubt he has the time or ability to run a test like that 😛

  • Michael, nothing like that has come out. Being that Noodler's is a one-man operation, I doubt he has the time or ability to run a test like that 😛

  • Can you please explain the name of the pen "Nib Creaper"?

  • Chris

    I removed the tip and wick from a 0.7mm Uniball vision elite that had run dry and it fit right into my noodler's rollerball. Smoother and a much bolder line than the tip that came with the pen. I am asking friends who use disposable pens to give me their empties, I will never buy a tip for mine. The difficulty is removing the tip and wich from the Uniball, putting it into the nib creeper is easy.

  • Thanks for the tip Chris (pun sort of intended, haha).

  • Chris

    Also, you do not need to unscrew the ebonite feed from the pen to remove the tip and wick. Saves a step and give you more to hold on to. LOVE the site and the blog….

  • Chris

    You can remove the tip from any roller ball and use it with this one (as long as the metal part is the same diameter as the metal part on this rollerball). If the rollerball tip doesn't come with a wick (like Waterman, Montblanc, and Cross) then use the wick that comes with this rollerball. If it is one that comes with a wick (Uniball, Pilot , most disposables) then use teh wick and rollerball and inserrt into the Noodlers.

    Perhaps I will post a video of this, as I have exchanged the tip of mine and like it much more than the one that came with it.


  • It depends, the ebonite feed may or may not stay in there if you just go to pull the tip out. The reason I showed pulling the feed out first in my instructions was so that people wouldn't get freaked out thinking they broke their pen if they tried to pull the tip out and the feed came out of the pen! 😉

    And I'm glad you like the blog 🙂

  • Thanks for the advice, that's good to know. If you do a video on it, let me know, I'd be eager to see it.

  • Kosala

    One of the problems I noted was that the ball at the tip, seems to dislodge from the socket when I refil with ink, I think this is caused by the vacuum created while filling up. I don't know if there is a solution to this or an inherent problem.

  • I haven't had this happen to me before, do you mean the metal tip coming out of the ebonite feed, or the ebonite feed coming out of the pen's grip section?

  • Kosala

    Hi Brian, Thanks for the response. The metal distal tip is held firmly to the ebonite feed. Likewise the ebonite feed is firmly screwed to the body of the pen. The problem is the tiny ball at the end of the metal tip which makes contact with paper and lays down ink. Normally the problem happens after filling the pen about two times with a new metal tip. The tiny ball in the tip dislodges out of the holding socket and the pen can no longer write, and needs to have the tip changed. I've been using polar black noodlers ink. Since this problem only happens when refillling the pen, I've come to the conclusion that the vaccum created may dislodge the metal ball tip from its socket. My pen is the Noodler's Konrad Piston-Fill Rollerball Pen and I imagine it uses the same tip as the nib creeper.

  • Thank you for elaborating! This is the first I've ever heard of this happening. I'm thinking it's a fluke. Changing the metal tip will solve the problem, because you'll have a whole new ball/tip unit.