Special Write Time at 9: November 30, 2010 with Brian Gray of Edison Pens

Join us live every Tuesday night at 9pm EST for Write Time at 9! We talk pens, paper, ink, and random other things (writing related usually).

Link to Ustream for the recorded video.

This week was an incredibly special broadcast as we had Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Company join us live for an extended 2 hour broadcast. We covered a whole host of different topics including:

  • Brian’s custom pen overlays
  • New smaller Edison pens
  • Edison italic nibs
  • Custom pen materials
  • The rise of the Edison Pen Co. and where he’s going from here
  • Basics of nib tuning
  • Post-holiday joint giveaway b/w Ink Nouveau and Edison blog
  • Different custom filling mechanisms
  • Pen and Ink Mythbusters!
  • Noodler’s flex nib pens
  • Kits pens vs. custom

Of course with a 2 hour recording there isn’t much we left out, but if you have something you wanted to know that we missed (or you just don’t have the time to watch the whole recording!) just post here in the comments. 

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  • Great show offering lots of insight into how Brian makes his pens.

    I especially enjoyed Mr. Grey's addressing some of the FP myths that I've been confused about: ebonite and water… and storing ebonite and celluloid pens together. BTW: the urushi sample for the new project is gorgeous. Oh dear.

    Great job, Brian, Brian and Rachel! Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it is just me, but I've been trying for the past couple of days to view the recording — but it doesn't seem to play. Are you seeing it?

  • Works just fine on my computer, have you tried viewing it from the Ustream site directly? You can get there from the link under the video here in the blog post.

  • I had trouble last night. It got about 45 minutes in and quit. I backed it up several minutes and started again and it quit at the exact same point again. I gave up after that. It was at a point after Brian Gray had shown the new short pen.

  • Greg, I'm so sorry! Ustream does demand a bit of work from your computer, especially with your RAM from what I understand. I'm sorry for any technical problems, but it's hard for me to complain because the site's free to use 😛

  • Anonymous

    That custom filling mechanisms really got me interested.Does Brian do eyedroppers with safety valve,i.e something on the lines of Danitrio eyedroppers(Sorry,didn't watch the video.Don't have time at the moment)

  • Brian, I watched till the end on the recorded version. Where is this medal I deserve?

  • Brian, I watched till the end on the recorded version. Where is this medal I deserve?