Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ink Drop: Mysterious March!

Rachel and I are always thinking of fun new ideas for Ink Drop and the idea came to us a couple of days ago to do a 'choose your own' Ink Drop, so that's what we're doing in March! We're calling it Mysterious March!

We have a link below for you to vote on the 5 colors you'd like to see out of the nearly 300 colors we have, excluding those that have already been used for Ink Drop so far. The 5 most popular choices will be used in March's Ink Drop! Vote now, it won't take long:

Vote here!!  (Contest now closed)

We'll be accepting votes between now until 11:59pm EST Wednesday (1/26). We thought this would be something fun to get everyone excited and have something to talk about. What do you want (or not want...) to see in March? Do you have any cool ideas for a theme?


  1. My colors are in. It's going to be fun guessing the colors in the March Ink Drop :-)

  2. I think it will be quite interesting to see what kinds of colors people choose. Will they be more pedestrian, the kind you might use in your pen every day? Perhaps people will choose more exotic colors that they normally wouldn't purchase. Only time will tell.

  3. Brian and Rachel - any thought of posting what the votes are once the Drop is out? Just curious...

  4. Sheila, we're toying with the idea of making it an anonymous drop, where you have to guess the colors (as part of a contest where you win stuff). We didn't know if that would be too much to lump into one Ink Drop, what do you think?

  5. Sent my list...with all the controversy (?) surrounding BSB, it was my FIRST pick :) Guess you'll have to evaluate the pros and cons of including that one. I suspect there are LOTS of folks who have been scared away from it, but who would REALLY like to try it (like me :))).

    Anyway, this is a cool idea! You guys are the masters of marketing :)

    Write on!


  6. Sent in my votes. I like the idea of a mysterious drop but with 300 inks to choose from it would be quite a challenge. Maybe mark each sample with the brand of ink only and have the consumer make a guess of the shade. Just an idea.


  7. The "Eye"ds of March. Inks in eye colors.


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