Out of this world ink…

What ink is this?
Taken with a Nikon D3100, 35mm lens f/1.8 shutter 1/2sec ISO 3200. Image was adjusted for some added drama.
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  • St. Patty's Eire?

  • J Herbin Luminescent??

  • What Jade said.

  • Anonymous

    I am between two inks.
    One is the noodler's wow and the other one is the noodler's blue ghost.

  • I agree. J Herbin.

  • This is the red matter from the new Star Trek movie. Brian – try not to create a black hole that will swallow the earth, please….

  • Think it's Noodler's Blue Ghost.

  • bwahaw

    whiteness of whale? definitely noodler's

  • tee hee hee 🙂

  • Not to rain on anyone's parade but…
    Noodler's doesn't use that type of bottle, AFAIK.

  • J. Herbin, Luminescent Ink

  • Jesse
  • @Jade, @SheilaM, @Truppi, @Julie, @Jesse, well done 😉 It's J. Herbin Luminescent Ink! It's calligraphy ink which is why the bottle shape is different than the J. Herbin fountain pen inks. It's pigmented with the old-style glow-in-the-dark stuff that you 'charge up' with light then it glows kind of green. It doesn't require any kind of blacklight to glow like the Noodler's inks do. I was just kind of messing around with the ink trying to take a picture in the dark, and the picture really kind of exaggerates the effect it has. The image shows a bright green when really it's a softer green in real life, and it doesn't look quite as much like a nuclear reactor in real life 😉 It's still really cool though, and I thought you all would enjoy the mystery 🙂

  • Omigosh that's beyond awesome! And Brian, I do believe your photography skills are improving by the day.

    So wait, you didn't use any kind of lighting at all? Not even a blacklight?

    Are you sure that stuff is not radioactive?

  • @Peninkcillin, I'm still a total hack. I have a lot to learn! To answer your question though, there was no light at all in this picture. That ink is just glowing on its own! And yes, I'm sure it's not radioactive 😉

  • I am so drooling over this ink.

    Can you show us some photos of glowing writing, actual text or scribbles written with this ink??

  • @Missive, it's soooooo on my to-do list. Along with 200 other things! Not joking, I actually have a list of over 200 things to demonstrate! I'm working to find a way to chip away at that list though….

  • Joe loves glow in the dark stuff…may have to pick up a bottle and practice my dip pen technique a bit.

  • Brings me back to my youth when glow-in-the-dark and neon colors where just coming into being! Believe it or not we even had glow-in-the-dark rosary beads (don't know where we got them) and I would hold them up to a lightbulb before going to bed so they would glow while hanging over our beds!

  • @Sheila, this ink I'm sure is a lot of fun! I'm dying to have a few minutes to play with it myself 😉

    @Rhea, that's awesome! I have a set of rosary beads I got from college, they're Maroon and Orange, Virginia Tech colors 🙂

  • @Rhea…LOL! I actually have a set still! First grade spelling contest prize!

  • @Rhea…LOL! I actually have a set still! First grade spelling contest prize!

  • Michael

    I want this ink in my pen:) I wonder how the clean up would be though Lol psychedelic.