Disqus now on Ink Nouveau

Gary Vaynerchuck has been my benchmark for the way I do things at Goulet Pens and Ink Nouveau for a little over a year now, and I just got another great idea from him the other day. I noticed that he uses a program called Disqus on his blog. People would comment, and he gave responses to each person that were nested right under theirs, which I thought was just awesome! It makes it much easier to follow the flow of each thought, and to harvest conversations from each comment.

Aside from ‘nesting’, other cool features include the ability to comment by signing in with your already existing profile from Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and other social networking sites. You can even attach pictures to your comment, making it much easier to show what pen or ink you’re talking about. You can easily ‘like’ someone’s comment, as well as share it on your favorite platform.

So with Rachel’s help, we’ve installed Disqus here on Ink Nouveau. The point of all of this is to make it easier for you to ask me questions and share your thoughts, and to make it easier for me to keep a conversation going with each of you about all the writing stuff you love. You can already see how it’s working on the post I did the other day on Lamy pens. What do you say? Let’s start talking 😉

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  • Ron

    Seriously cool. Great idea!

  • Anon

    And I can see the box to leave comments – I couldn't on the blog previously. Big plus for me, probably not so much fun for the rest of you ;-P

    Anyways, keep up the good work and fantastic service, Rachel and Brian – and get some sleep at some point…..5am? Tut tut!

  • Thank you! A great idea indeed, Disqus is a wonderful service. Congratulations on a most interesting blog and on keeping us up-to-date with industry news — which is no small feat given its depth, breadth and inherent messiness…

  • Halden

    Excellent. Anything that make the conversation flow easier is a great addition.

  • Sweet. One more place I can use my OpenID 🙂

  • Awesome! Threaded comments make it so much easier to have a real discussion. And the ability to add photos will be a big help.

  • Definitely! When I saw Gary V using this on his blog, it's like I was hit with a brick upside the head. DUH! I had to jump on it. I'm loving it, and never looked back.

  • Yes! I forgot to mention OpenID!

  • You're telling me! The comments and feedback are only good for everyone. I'm trying to keep a good conversation going, and any tools to facilitate that are a plus in my book.

  • Thank you so much François! Yes, keeping up with things in the fountain pen world is sometimes a bit hard to do. There aren't a lot of 'industry leaders', since it's such a niche group of people interested in the stuff we talk about. All I'm trying to do is share what I know when I find it out.

  • Really, you couldn't see it before? I'm hosted on Blogger, which is of course run by Google. I'm surprised there were any issues like that. In any case, I'm glad you can see it now.

    Haha, it's true we go to bed late. Though 5am was a scheduled time for the posting. I actually went to bed around 3am 😉

  • Thanks! I'm glad to have found it. I was getting frustrated before having to lump my replies together into one comment, it was clunky and hard to follow. I'm digging Disqus!

  • Nice work. But I've noticed the new comment system a while ago. At any rate, it works nicely and I like that I don't have to sign in because I don't use FB or Twitter.

  • I set it up a couple of days ago. But my posts on Lamy and the Edison Nouveau Premiere writing sample took a little higher priority 😉

  • I'm new, so I didn't know this was a new system for comments. 😉

    Just wanted to say I received my first Ink Drop yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled that you have this club and that we can also buy samples of the inks you sell. I don't expect to ever buy a full bottle and regret it again. Awesome!! Just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you guys put into this service. 🙂

  • Rita, yes, this is a new comment system as of this past weekend. We updated all of the comments previously on the blog to be in this style as well, so this is how they all are now, even ones we had before Disqus was uploaded.

    I'm so glad you like your Ink Drop! The ink samples are a lot of fun! To be completely honest, I only use ink samples myself! I'm a serial ink changer, I almost never fill a pen twice with the same ink. It makes for a lot of pen cleaning, but I like to have fun and explore colors 🙂 I really appreciate all of your kind words. Doing ink samples of all the colors we have is certainly no small task, but it's a labor of love and something we do because we know how valuable it is to the fountain pen community. It's hard to remember what life was like for us before doing them!

  • Dear Brian !
    Probably you dont know that you push me for using Disqus on my fountain pen blog in turkish http://yazmakkeyiftir.blogspot.com
    The reason is your article about Disqus.
    many thanks for the inspiration from Turkey

  • Brian, I'm thinking of using disqus on a client site of mine. Do you have configuration controls that allow you to show/hide the comments by default? Can you hide the disqus logo, are you having any troubles yet?


  • Hmm…I don't know about the logo, but yes you do have controls over which comments can be posted/seen. There's also a spam filter type thing that works to catch spam, if your blog doesn't already have that built in. Since I've set up Disqus, I've been nothing but pleased with it.

  •  this will very helpful for my forword step to be taken nice post !!!!!

  • You're welcome! I've noticed a lot of bloggers starting to use Disqus lately. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just a happy user.

  • Thanks Brian, you didn't forget me. And you done very useful thing as a guide for using Disqus comment system.

  • Fine service of comments on clipping path .

  • It's plenty great to hear Disqus now on Ink Nouveau, may i can work with glamor retouching.