Edison Hudson First Impression

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Rachel joins me in this video as we both give you our true first impression of Brian Gray’s latest creation, the Edison Hudsons. These are new ‘production style’ pens that are available from retailers, still the same Edison quality, but at a more affordable price.

We’ll be doing a more thorough review later on, we just wanted to share our very first experience seeing the pens ourselves. We get excited checking out new pens for the first time 🙂

What do you think?

2017-10-11T14:06:13+00:00 April 15th, 2011|Pen Reviews|22 Comments
  • Nice! Ruby will go fast, I'll bet.

  • agray423

    Thanks for posting this!

  • All 3 are nice, really. Emerald is really nice in person, as is the Ruby. I'm eager to see which is most popular, it's too early to tell so far 😉

  • You're welcome! I plan to do something more in-depth, this was literally done about 1/2 hour before Write Time last Tuesday!

  • Another helpful video! Didn't realize the ENP cobalt had the same depth and pearlescence as the the Hudson ruby and emerald. Now I want an ENP cobalt, too. 🙂 [I gotta stop buying pens!]

  • PurpleDrazi

    @Brian P – I dunno . . . the Emerald looks pretty nice too 🙂
    (If I only had the pennies . . . )

  • Oh, definitely. The cobalt rocks my world, that's why it's my favorite 😉

  • Looks really big! Like Pelikan M1000.

  • I really like the black one. That's as close to a "classic" fountain pen as I can imagine. You haven't mentioned anything about the filling mechanism, though I assume that will come in your next video.

    You know, now that I think about it, the Premiere (especially the black one) looks like one of those tactical pens.

  • Jeffdymond24

    Thanks for this great post. I was thinking the Herold would be my choose of the two but after watching the video I am going to get the Premire as soon as I can get the funds. Thanks again!

  • These look really nice!

  • It is big! I don't have an M1000, but I've held them before. Don't hold me to this, but I would guess (from memory) that it's pretty similar in size.

  • Oh, sorry! Haha, that's what you get with a 'first impression' 😉 It's a cartridge/converter that can also be made into an eyedropper (just add silicone grease on the threads). It's the same filling as the Premiere as well as most of the other Edisons. I will cover this in the more thorough video.

  • I'll have to sit down and do a more detailed comparison of the two. That really wasn't the main point of the video, but since a lot of folks were familiar with the Premieres (and those are the Edisons I have on hand) I figured it was good to show. Which Premiere strikes your fancy?

  • Definitely. Brian is first class all the way. I'm glad you like that grip too, it's a preference of mine 🙂

  • Bob Sisson

    I received my Emerald Hudson and I am very pleased. I have a medium size man's hand and to me it is more comfortable writing with the pen unposted. It is not a shirt pocket pen, okay for a brief case or pocketbook. Or, as a desk pen. As with all of Brian Gray's pens it writes very smoothly.

  • Jeffdymond24

    I really like the cobalt and the black.

  • Thanks Bob! I have a larger hand and it's a bit more comfortable for me unposted as well, but then I generally prefer most of my pens unposted.

  • Nicky

    I am in love with the Hudson Ruby. Although I haven't seen it in real life, I feel I can tell that the video doesn't do it justice. Meanwhile, the Cobalt ENP is really growing on me. The brightness and pearlescence really catches my eye. Still loving the Cappuccino though.

    Looks like I'm saving up for two more pens. 🙂

  • The video definitely doesn't do justice 🙁 The depth of pearlescence in the cobalt, ruby, emerald, and cappuccino are all impossible to display accurately on a computer screen, there's just so much to them! When I do a more thorough review I'll try to get better lighting to show more detail.

  • Elizabeth

    The Cobalt ENP is growing on me, too. At first I was sure I liked the Cappuccino best, but I'm leaning toward the Cobalt now. The Ruby Hudson is nice, too! I know I can't get both, so I may have to flip a coin to decide which one I like better. 🙂

  • Haha, sounds like you have some tough decisions to make! Maybe wait until I do a more detailed comparison of the ENP and Hudson, perhaps that'll help you out.