Lamy Converters (there’s two of them!)

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It’s not enough that Lamy has their own proprietary ink cartridge converter….they have two different ones! Here’s the one that most of you have probably seen before, the Lamy Z24:

But there’s another one! The Lamy Z26:

So what’s the difference? Well, the Z24 (red one) only fits the Safari, Vista, Al-Star, and Joy. The Z26 fits all these, though it is the only one that fits in the Accent, Studio, CP1 and Logo. We carry both converters, if you care.

None of this reeeeally matters too much, after all, the pens that require the Z26 all come with a Z26 already, so it’s only relevant if you need a replacement. And the pens that don’t come with converters (Safari/Vista/Al-Star) can accept either version. The Z26 costs a few cents more, not enough to really matter too much. What does matter is if you wanted to have a slicker-looking Vista (the clear pen), the Z26 just looks a little snazzier than the Z24, in my opinion.

Vista with a Z24:

Vista with a Z26:

What do you think?

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  • Clara

    Since the appeal for me in having a demonstrator is showing off the ink, the Z26 gets my vote. The red may clash with my ink of choice. 🙂

  • Lamy's converters are beautifully designed. They are sturdy and the two « dots » that keep them in place inside the pen are an interesting added bonus. They also work smoothly, which is uncommon for twist converters.

    Still, having two converters for a single brand, and proprietary ones at that, is just byzantine, and Lamy cannot be shamed enough for imposing on their users. For a brand that puts design at the forefront of their selling proposition, this is just unimaginably poor usability, made worse by the absence of synoptic documentation on their site.

    But « oh, well », as they say…

  • I have a Vista normally I re-use cartridges, because I don't like how the Z24 looks. Thanks for letting me know that I can use the Z26 instead.

  • I'm sure they have a reason for the two converters, probably because some of the pens came out later than others. I won't bash Lamy as both converters are really nice and work well. I think there would be more criticism due if they were drastically different and not usable in all of the pens, but since the Z26 will work in everything, and the pens that won't fit the Z24 already come with a Z26, it's of little consequence to anyone that the two exist. Personally, I like the Z26 better because it's nicer looking and the plastic is clear. I haven't found the 'lack of pegs' to be prohibitive at all, even in the pens that accept the pegs.

  • Refilling cartridges is definitely one way to get it done. I think the Z26 converter is a little snazzier than the cartridges, plus it's a little easier to fill (and clean the pen). You're welcome for the info!

  • Hello Brian,

    Oh, yes, I am sure this is not some evil master plan from Lamy! And I quite agree they work remarkably well, as their custom shapes allow them to provide a snugger fit and makes them more resistant to inadvertent unplugging when moving the pen around.

    One nice side-effect of using proprietary designs is that the plastic of Lamy converters appears generally more resistant to staining. I am not sure if this is anecdotal or if they do choose denser materials, but it is especially adapted to the demands of demonstrator pens, which they are fond of.

  • i have a billion of the z24s since thats all the place i use to order from carried, but youre right i do like the z26 a tad more in the vista!

  • ru32day

    I had thought that aside from the colour, the Z26 did not have the two little pins that, whilst not essential, help to ensure the converter is firmly seated in the Lamys and others that come with the Z24.

  • No need for Z24 at all. I also have Vista and it would look ridiculous with Z24.
    Actually, for colored Safaris Z24 is just fine. 🙂

  • It is great for filling the pen. However, I like to use the baby bulb thing you showed in one of you video's way back. It makes the cleaning process take so much less time than it would with the converter.

  • What's funny is I didn't know anything about the Z26 before carrying Lamy. I'd only seen the Z24 used, even in Vistas. I thought it was worth letting people know about the Z26's, as I don't think they're that popular, for whatever reason.

  • The pins are surely helpful to some degree, but honestly, the Z26 fits in so snug that I wouldn't feel hesitant to use it instead of the Z24.

  • Well it sounds like you're all set on converters, but just in case you run out, you know about the Z26s 🙂

  • ru32day

    Just to be clear, I was only commenting on the design feature – I didn't mean to imply that I disagreed with your advice that the Z26 is perfectly usable (and maybe even better than the Z24) in the Lamy's etc 🙂

  • No worries, I knew just what you meant 🙂

  • Oh definitely! Converters are great for using ink, but the bulb syringe is top dog for cleaning.

  • Hmm I'm on the fence. I'm inclining towards the Z26 because it has that metal collar instead of plastic. I assume the capacity is the same for both, right?

  • Capacity seems to be the same, if there is any difference, it's so slight, I can't tell the difference.

  • When I got my Lamy Vista I planned on refilling the cartridge that came with it. While functional, it looked a little too "Bleh" for me. So, yes, I got a Z24 and I love that hind of red on my pen 🙂

  • Well there you go! I'm glad you like that Z24 look. Personally, it doesn't bother me and I never was turned away from using it. But I have to admit the sleekness of the Z26 strikes my fancy a little more 😉 But you have the choice of either! Thanks for bringing up the point of refilling the cartridge, that is definitely an option. It's a little more 'advanced' technique that requires some effort, but it can save you from needing a converter.

  • Lilly

    You really solve me a mystery about Lamy converters. I can't find Z24 and I think about differences. Now I am sure that Z26 will fit fine in my Lamy safary.
    Thank you….:)

  • J.q

    Is it possible to use a Parker converter with a Lamy pen ? I've read somewhere that it's possible to use a Lamy cartridge in Parker pens so … 

  • You're welcome! The Z26 will definitely work in your Safari. The Z24 would be a little better because it has those posts that 'lock' it into the pen, but the Z26 will still work just fine for you.

  • I'm actually not sure, we don't have any Parker converters anymore so I can't check. I don't know what the point would be though, the Lamy converters are cheaper.

  • Ronwald

    Thanks for the video… I'll go get the z26 converter now for my vista.

    Cheers from Turkey/Istanbul

  • J.q

    I checked it by myself. It's possible to use a parker converter in a Lamy pen. 

  • Interesting! Still not practical since it costs more than a Lamy converter, but good to know anyway. 

  • You're very welcome 🙂 

  • Alexander Faust

    Switch that around, using the Lamy Z26 in the Parker and you got a great information for a better deal 🙂

  • Alexander Faust

    As far as i know those posts are mainly there so the converter doesn't get free if the pen gets tossed around into a bag or so, in the end these are pens that are directly marketed to kids that are just beginning to write.

    Btw, did you know that you don't need to apply force to press a lamy cardridge into the Safari pens at all? The Lamy cardridges are very hard to puncture, again for the safety of the kids probably, just inserting the cardridge in the pen and closing the pen will puncture the cardridge on the post without any major need for force. The thread bascially acts as a gear 🙂

  • Oliver Baum

    I was hoping there might be more of a direct comparison of how they perform. I was curious if the Z26 is more durable and less prone to leaking (since it is the newer model of the two), or easier to clean etc. Or maybe there is too little actual difference to justify going into those details? I don’t know.
    I do agree that the Z26 looks very classy in the Vista though. It really makes me want to buy a Vista but I already have two Lamy fountain pens – it might be a bit too much to buy a third!

  • Neo Getz

    Thank you for this video. I couldn’t work out why my pen was barely fitting back into its barrel with the converter, hadn’t noticed the fins so they were pushing out the plastic of the nib section. Rotated the converter and clicked the fins into place now. 🙂

  • Ted

    What about for the Nexx?