Updated Edison Nouveau Premiere Video

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If you saw any of my previous posts on the Edison Nouveau Premiere (like this one or this one), you know that I only had working prototypes at that time. Well, now I have one of each of the final pens in my hands, so I thought I’d give you an update. I’m showing off the engraving on the nibs as well as the subtle engraving on the pen body as well. It’s a real nice end result, I must say!

Congratulations to Brian Gray for now having both his gold and steel nibs with custom Edison logos on them. As a former pen maker I can honestly say that having engraved nibs was always something I viewed as having ‘made it’ in the pen world. Brian’s been a legit pen maker for years, but having his logo on his nibs, to me, is just a great accomplishment.

The Premieres are no longer on a wait, they’ll ship out within a couple of days after you order one. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for things I can show about the Premiere. I’ve covered them pretty thoroughly and I don’t want to beat you over the head with Premiere stuff, so just let me know if I’ve missed anything. Thanks!

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  • bizans

    seems very successful…

  • The black and brown are my favorite. It would be cool (from my perspective) if the black had a black anodized clip, to match the matte body. But not everybody would like that and besides I'm sure it would make the pen more expensive. As for the brown, I don't usually like swirly colors but this one is really well made. And the gold/silver nib looks very classy.

    I may be mistaken but I was under the impression that getting your nibs engraved is relatively trivial, provided you have sufficient volume. If you order 100 nibs, the factory won't engrave it for you, for obvious reasons (unless, perhaps, you pay extra) so you will get the standard engraving, but if you order 10K nibs, you can have your own engraving.

    As an example, take the TWSBI. They've only begun producing pens under the TWSBI brand in the last couple of years but their nibs are engraved with their logo. Current nibs are German, from Schmidt.


    If I'm talking rubbish, correct me please, but that was my impression.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Probably not EPA, but PETA you'd have to worry about 😛

  • PurpleDrazi

    Oh . . . another thing. I guess this is common knowledge, but I just wanted to double check. The Premiere takes international cartridges/converters?

  • indeed, no complaints here!

  • You're right. There's no 'committee' of people who decide you're worthy of an engraved nib. It's all about volume. You have to purchase a large volume of nibs to get a logo on them…and in order to get a large volume of nibs (with an real justification) you need to sell a lot of your pens. Small independent pen makers like I was and Brian Gray was (at one point years ago) don't sell enough pens or have an established brand to justify a logo. That's where my view of having 'made it' comes from, that one is selling enough pens to justify the purchase of engraved nibs.

  • Haha, nothing to worry about at all. I don't know what agency would go after alligator hunters! 😛

  • Yes, yes they do. They can also be made into eyedropper pens with just some silicone grease on the threads.

  • Yeah, that's what I thought. Edison probably doesn't sell as many pens but they are more high-end, custom pieces which cost a lot. Other companies sell a lot of pens but for much cheaper.

  • Celiasevans

    Does anyone want to comment on what is a good inexpensive pen to use J. Herbin cartriges. I inherited some of this cartridge and would like to use the ink.


  • Sure, Pelikan Pelikanos, Pelikano Jrs, and Scripts take these cartridges. The J. Herbin cartridges are what's known as Standard Short International cartridges, so just look for a pen that accepts those and you'll be all set!

  • Thanks for the update Brian.
    I *so* can't wait until I've saved enough pennies for one of these. Such a classic style, and I love the Edison logo on the nib. The subtle engraving on the body is a nice touch too. Even though it is not a 'limited edition' per se, having the model engraved on it shows that it's a special edition. The whole presentation also has a real vintage flair to it, which is just great.

  • Thanks for your feedback Karen, we're pretty happy with how they've turned out! We were going for a fairly classic style. Though we're not real big into vintage pens, I do like the subtle engraving on the body like that, a lot of vintage pens had that.

  • Mtruppi

    I love everything about my Premeire! I went with the cappuccino swirl with a B nib and I'm very happy. The pen has amazing depth, the pictures are nice but they really do the material no justice. I didn't actually notice the engraving the first time I looked at the pen, that's a plus for me – I know it's there but it doesn't beat me over the head. Small touches like this and the little "swoosh" on the clip show the extra mile that went into the design and making of the pen.

    The pen is perfectly balanced when nice full and unposted, I hold it a bit high, on/ above-ish the threads, which sounds funny when I describe it, but it is wicked comfortable. The whole shape and feel of the pen is just great, I'm in love with the exceptional craftsmanship that go into these pens.

    Don't get me started on the nib either. Super juicy, perfectly smooth – it helps to write on Rhodia since Brian at Edison uses it when tuning his nibs. There really is just a "hint" of feedback to remind me that I am in fact moving metal across paper and not butter on glass. A very pleasurable experience. Works really nicely in the upside-down position in order to get a finer line, in small spaces or on terrible paper. Also, the engraving makes it look uber-classy and I'd swear it was a swanky gold nib at a glance.

    Thus far, a super satisfied customer. I'll be writing with this pen for a good long time, until the next Edison Nouveau steals my attention I'm sure! Really glad I was able to get my hands on 1st class Edison workmanship at a real deal. I think Edison is absolutely justified and fair in the pricing of Brian's superb custom made pens. I just can't budget one at this point in my life so the Edison Nouveau is a really accessible writing instrument for me from the budgetary standpoint. Thank you Brians!

  • Awesome! Thank you so much, your response is EXACTLY what we were shooting for with these pens 🙂 It's just amazing how everything came together for these pens, even I'm excited about them!! I love mine, I have one of each in all the nib sizes!

    And I laughed audibly when I read 'wicked comfortable' 😉