Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Write Time Topics 4/5/11- JustinTV test!

Link to YouTube to view the vid and our channel.

We admittedly weren't very 'lively' in the video, it was pretty much just a test to make sure JustinTV actually works, and test out the YouTube upload feature. We had to be quiet because the test was late and our son was in bed! The video quality should be much better with our proper lighting that we'll have for the real broadcast.

If you've seen Write Time lately, you know we've been plagued with technical issues on Ustream, which has been the live video hosting service we've used for almost a year now. These issues caused us to start shopping around for a new broadcasting service, and we found JustinTV.

There are some great features that we have with JustinTV:
  1. It works. Audio and video. Big plus there.
  2. It has a chat, just like Ustream did. We're still learning the features, but it has a chat.
  3. Direct YouTube uploads. This is a big deal for our fans who can't watch live. Justin automatically records the entire broadcast and holds it for 7 days, and we can do a direct upload to YouTube and keep it there forever (theoretically), which will share Write Time with our ever-growing YouTube fanbase, as well as give you more viewing options than before.
The only downside is that JustinTV is (obviously) a different service than Ustream, so you'll have to create a new account there if you want to participate in the chat. We're sorry for that, but creating an account is free and easy to do.

So Write Time will keep trucking along at it's normal time, 9pm EDT tonight, Tuesday April 5th. You can either watch it on the Write Time at 9 Broadcast page here on Ink Nouveau, or on our JustinTV channel (it's a little bigger vid and chat on JustinTV).

Our topics for this week:
  • New Sailor inks (set to arrive today, hopefully!)
  • Special edition matte black Pilot Vanishing Points
  • April Ink Drop 
  • Talk about videos posted on Ink Nouveau in the last week
  • Questions for Nathan Tardiff of Noodler's Ink on a future Write Time broadcast (TBA)
So come join us and let us know how you like the new (working) broadcast!


  1. I've used JustinTV before and it does work very good in my experience. I already have an account there too, bonus! :) Hope it works out for you guys.

  2. I am so glad it will be recorded because I have company coming tonight.
    BTW--my order arrived yesterday and I love, love, love everything!! Will do some proper reviews after some decent playtime. ;)

  3. Justin.tv looks like a much cleaner interface. Ustream was a mess with ads everywhere and links to other content.

  4. Nice! I'm glad you like it, from what I've read it has a pretty good reputation.

  5. Recording the broadcasts has become a dealbreaker for us. That's the main reason we're looking outside of Ustream, because though we were able to get the audio working (finally), we couldn't record it. We are very sensitive to the fact that you all have a life outside of pens (or so I assume!), so we have to record it. Plus we have a lot of international fans that can't watch live b/c it's the middle of the night where they are! I'm really glad we can continue to do it, and I'm even more glad the videos will be on YouTube, where we already host all our other videos.

  6. Yeah, exactly. Plus, if you read the bios of the folks who run JustinTV, it's clear that they're a fun group that's passionate about what they're doing. I can get behind that!

  7. To register, you have to enter your full birthdate, and then watch a commercial to find a "security code"? Gotta stop somewhere. I'll have to watch the recording, sorry.

  8. I'm really sorry...it's a free service after all, and ads are how they pay for it. Until we're big enough where we have the ability to broadcast it ourselves, we're at the mercy of the companies that offer the service :P

  9. I was just sticky beaking around the new products on Goulet Pens. Have you said much about Edison Hudson yet? It would be awesome if you could give us a run down on them. :)

  10. I feel a little awkward for not having mentioned JustinTV in my comment.

  11. We talked about them a BUNCH in the video, and we'll have more info on them soon. We didn't even know Brian Gray was going to be in our chat, let alone be able to jump on the phone, LET ALONE have the pens ready to ship and give us the go-ahead to sell them! It was kind of a whirl-wind, but that's always fun :) We'll have more details soon.

  12. After the broadcast I got the recording uploaded on YouTube, and it looks like it works well! Keep in mind too, you can still show up live and view the chat as we're broadcasting, you only need an account with JustinTV if you want to type in the chat. Even just watching the chat live is hilarious!


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