Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 2011 Ink Drop Reveal!

This month's Ink Drop is 'Goulet Favorites', which consists of five of my and Rachel's favorite inks. Granted, we have a lot of favorite inks, but these are ones we thought you would particularly enjoy. So here they are!

Did you enjoy this month's inks? If you selected your own 'favorites' month, which inks would you choose?


  1. The only one I guessed was Kon-peki. Oh well, great choice of inks, good variety. I really must grab a bottle of Poussière de Lune.

  2. I have seen enough of Brian's videos to know that Kon- Peki would be on there. After that I had no clue. I love bright a vibrant blues so Majestic Blue it perfect. I would have never bought a bottle of the Apache Sunset on my own but I have always wanted to try it. I think I am going to use the Cactus Fruit to write out Mother's Day cards since it is a little girly for me.

    I don't have enough inks on my shelf to pick 5 favorites. That is why I joined the Ink Drop. I do use Bad Belted Kingfisher, Heart Of Darkness, and Waterman Florida Blue all the time.

    This was my first month and I made a great decision to join the Ink Drop. I am already trying ink I would have never bought and at the same time I got a sample (Majestic Blue) that I have had my eye on and will find out if I would have wasted my money on an ink I didn't like. And not to mention the 10% off!

    Thanks Brian and Rachel!!!!!!!

  3. Nice selection. Makes me wish I were an Ink Drop member. I have a Kon-Peki sample, but more couldn't hurt. Since I already have so many ink samples, I keep thinking I shouldn't join Ink Drop too, but you make it very tempting.

    And, since you ask, and since I love to talk about me... My own faves would have been mostly the same sorts of colours, so that was fun to see. It's a tough choice, but after scribblings with different nibs on different papers I prefer Edelstein Topaz over Kon-Peki. In the orange category I like Sailor Jentle Apricot, seeing as it's apparently the same as the LE Kin-Mokusei, which edges out the other great orangey inks for me. But I'm going to try Apache Sunset. Maybe Grenade or Widowmaker for the purply-red selection, and toss in Cafe des Iles. I like Noodler's North Africa Violet--it's smooth and definitive and clean to read. I very much want to try Poussiere de Lune. And in the very-blue-blue category... oh, I dunno. I'm not much of one for very-blue-blue inks. They always say "Bic ballpoint" to me, for some inane reason. Like I'm not having nearly enough fun with my pens :)

  4. I was pretty sure about Apache Sunset (I think I heard Rachel mention that in a Write Talk?), and the Majestic Blue. The only one I had was the PdL, so lots of fun trying out new inks and colors

  5. aaaaah, Iroshizuku AND Poussiere de Lune, two inks I've been dying to try! I can't wait to get my first ink drop :D

  6. Diamine Majestic Blue is far and away my favorite ink. It exists currently in both an Orange TWSBI which will eventually be cleaned and repurposed and in my current favorite pen, a Lamy 2000 with a broad nib.

    My next favorite ink is Montblanc Racing Green. It will be a sad day when my bottle goes empty, but I do have some hope that Sailor Epinard will soften the blow. They're not the same, but Epinard tickles some of the same feelings in me somehow. I keep Racing Green in my original clear TWSBI.

    I'm enjoying Omas Blue quite a bit. It's in another of my TWSBIs.

    Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses is impressing me, and I haven't even gotten it in a flex nib pen yet.

    I guess my final favorite ink would be Private Reserve Midnight Blues. I don't use it much now because I am nearly out of my first bottle. That's just a reason to buy a second, right Brian? ;)

  7. Whoo! I've wanted to try out Diamine Majestic Blue and I already love Kon-Peki and Poussiere de Lune! Awesome Ink Drop theme :)

  8. Excellent! I suspected you would use Apache Sunset and Kon-Peki. My Ink Drop hasn't arrived yet, but I'm already looking forward to using all these inks. The more colourful the selection, the better ;)

    Also, this is my first Ink Drop, and when I first heard the theme, I knew I had to sign up for it - you guys have great taste! :)

  9. I can't wait to get it! I am especially curious about Kon Peki and the Cactus Fruit.

    Now for my favourites.

    Warning: This list changes constantly.

    Warning: A lot of Private Reserve here.

    Without special order:

    PR Shoreline Gold: I put it in my Pelikan M1000 and the effect is breath taking.

    PR Arabian Rose: I still have to try Shahs Rose, otherwise Saguaro Wine comes close.

    PR Spearmint: It is _the_ green for my (Standardgraph Schilfgruen is second)

    PR DC Supershow Blue: Followed by Herbin Bleu Nuit, but the DCSB has nice shading

    De Atramentis Altrosa: It is in a class of its own, but many won't like it.

    I admit, these are not "manly" colours, but I like them. And I am lucky enough to be able to use them at work, too! Although I gave up Herbin Buttercup yellow, it simply was too hard to read ;)

    I know many here prefer their Noodlers inks, but they are sometimes hard to come by here and so I started with Private Reserve. They are good inks, trust me.

  10. I recently sampled the Iroshizuki inks from Goulet Pens. I really enjoy the way these inks work in my stable of pens (Edison Premiere, Lamy 2000, & Waterman Carene).

    Without regard to order, these are my top 5:

    Iroshizuki - Fuyu-syogun: Too light for general notetaking or business use, but great for personal correspondence. It has great characteristics and shading.

    Diamine Oxblood: dark enough as a red that I can use it at the office. Really shines on bright white laser printer paper.

    Edelstein Aventurine: Fun for notes on legal pads. Great shading, but too minty green for business use.

    Noodler's Fox: a highly saturated red with hints of brown. I like to use this for edits since it is a pricier ink.

    Sailor Jentle Black: A great general purpose ink that lays down a great line in a fine pen, dries quickly, and provides feedback unlike any other ink I've tried in the Lamy 2000.

  11. Kon-Peki has been a recent favorite of mine and I have been talking about it a lot. I figured that would be the easiest :) Cactus Fruit Eel is kind of a feminine color, that one was Rachel's choice!

    Welcome to the club Jeff! This was a good month to join, but then I'm biased I suppose! ;)

  12. I understand your already having a lot of samples, I have a lot myself ;) Ink Drop is fun though, especially because it gets a lot of ink fans all talking about the inks at the same time :)

    PDL is a great color, that's beena favorite of mine for about a year and a half now. It's not a flashy color, it's very subtle and it really looks nice when you're reading a full page of it. It's interesting you're not a big fan of blues. I get where you're coming from, but I'm a HUGE fan of blues. It is America's favorite color, after all ;) Blue inks are the most popular overall, I'd say.

  13. We've pretty much been talking about all of these inks over and over again (especially in Write Time), so none of them are real 'shockers'. They're just great colors that Rachel and I have been enjoying for a while :)

  14. Nice pens for the job! Epinard will be a nice replacement for your MBRG, it's the closest thing out there, that I've found. I've never inked Omas Blue but I've swabbed it, it's a nice color, and I've heard writes pretty wet. Is that true?

    BSER is nice, I've found it's not quite as drastic as BSAR in a flex, but it is still quite drastic. It's more 'earthy' than BSAR.

    PRMB is a nice color, and seems to have been a little more popular lately. Should you find yourself needing more, you know I'll have it stocked ;)

  15. So glad you like our choices! Majestic Blue is great, you have to let me know what you think of it!

  16. I do hope you enjoy these inks, Rachel and I have kind of put our personal taste on the line with this month's Drop!

  17. These are nice colors! I've never used Altrosa though, but I have used all the others.

  18. Nice color choices, these are some of the less-talked-about inks around. I've found the Sailor inks especially to be quite well behaved in my pens.

  19. I actually use Fuyu-syogun as my regular ink, even at work. Have Tsuki-yo in a Pilot EF for signatures. Looking forward to trying out the Kon-peki, even if it means I have *another* bottle of Iroshizuku to buy.

  20. I love the color of Fuyu-syogun, but it's just a shade too light. Iroshizuku inks are unlike any other I've tried. The ink seems to have the flow of a Sailor with the shading of the Edelstein series.

  21. Kon-peki was kind of an obvious one because I've been talking about it a lot recently. PDL is one I've talked about a lot in the past, and the others are all ones we've mentioned before.

  22. Tim (Seattle, WA)May 9, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    When I was in grade school, I used the Sheaffer inks--black, blue, blue-black, brown--in a Sheaffer school pen. I still love the Sheaffer inks, but there are some beautiful ink colors
    that have been coming out in recent years. I just bought a bottle of Noodler's Blue Eel from the nice folks at Goulet Pens, and have really liked both the color and the lubrication characteristics in my piston pen. A few favorites of mine are : Waterman Florida Blue, Private Reserve Lake Placid Blue, Pelikan Blue-Black, Sheaffer Brown and a mix of 1 part Waterman Brown with 9 parts of Waterman Florida Blue, which gives a nice Blue-Black.


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