New Habanas are 85g, despite what they say!

It’s a little confusing, but the new Quo Vadis Habanas that we’ve been told for 6 months will have 85g paper, have 90g listed on the sleeves:

It’s an oversight….you see Quo Vadis wanted to get out the new Habanas as quickly as possible, but the new sleeves weren’t ready yet. So they repurposed old sleeves from previous Habanas and put stickers over the name. You can faintly see my Habana sleeve was orginally made for the (now discontinued) Robert les Héros version Habana:

I got word today that this is just a temporary situation. The new sleeves have arrived and Habana orders currently being fulfilled to retailers will have the correct information on them. The 90g labeling is a temporary mistake, all of the new Habanas are in fact, 85g! Go here to see my review of the new Habanas.

***I’ve since gotten in pics of the new sleeves, and I posted about them here. Here’s a preview pic comparing them. All of the new Habanas going out to retailers will have the new sleeves from here on out (5/13/11).

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  • topendoodle

    The new sleeves were completely redesigned, too. I'm attaching a picture in case anyone wants to see. I really like the new sleeves.
    Here's something I thought was interesting about the new sleeves: they don't mention 'Ivory paper' anywhere. Instead, the illustration of the notebook has off-white pages. It's subtle but noticeable if you compare it to the bright white of the Quo Vadis logo.

  • Awesome, thank you for posting that picture! I guess all the ones we got were from the original batch with the 'old' sleeves. We have more coming in soon with new sleeves, which I'm assuming will look just like what you've posted here.

  • topendoodle

    Yeah, it's not the sleeves that matter, anyway. I'm just a dork and get easily excited about these things 🙂

  • Very nice!