Pelikan Blue-Black is discontinued?….really??

Yeah, I just got word that Pelikan Blue Black is discontinued in the United States, in all bottle sizes and cartridges. I didn’t find out that it was discontinued until about 10 minutes ago when I went to order more. Seriously? Yeah. Sucks for us at, because we’re out of it.

I’m a little baffled as to why they would discontinue (in my opinion) their best color, yet continue to keep colors like Brilliant Green and Brilliant Red. I’m sure they have their reasons, but still, it’s a mystery to me. So go out and find this ink wherever you can if you want it, because the only ink that exists is what’s currently on retailer’s shelves.

**5/22/11 update- this thread on FPN was started as a result of this announcement, and it seems the reason for the discontinuing of the ink in the US may be because there is a chemical in Blue-Black that is not in compliance with US TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) regulations. I have no idea what is in the ink or why all of a sudden it’s not in compliance, but that is what at least one FPN member seems to have discovered from her investigation.

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  • Guest

     This is a disaster.  Pelikan BB is one of my favorite inks and the only one that plays nicely in my wet m800!

  •  I know! I am completely taken aback by this decision from Pelikan.

  • But…but…why?! I've been meaning to try that ink and I think I would have liked it!
    In all seriousness, this does seem a bit rash. 

  • Although I have yet to try Pelikan Blue Black (I have used other Pelikan inks),  Blue Black is a staple ink for many people.  Seems very odd for them to discontinue it. 
    Did they indicate why it was being discontinued?

  •  Well, don't even bother trying it now, you may like it 😛

  • I have no idea why they discontinued it. They didn't even give retailers a heads up that they would be doing so! I'm baffled.

  • Those jerks. 

  • Pam

    So I guess we won't be looking for Pelikan BB in the Ink Drop, huh? 😉


  • KCat

    How bizarre. I used this for years and loved it.  Eventually gave it up but if I were to go back to a true blue-black, this would be the one. But really, what the heck are they thinking?

  •  Haha, you can count on that. 😛

  •  I don't know, it's always been a staple ink in the pen world. Granted, there are a LOT of other blue black choices out there, but this was the driest writing ink around, which worked great for taming wet n' wild nibs….what will we do now?

  • Nigel Strachan

     Hell fire, that's really bad news! I've just got into this ink and it's THE one that my Moleskines seem to like! I'll try to confirm from the places in the UK where I've been buying it.

  • Yes, please help me confirm this, I feel like it's crazy that I should be the first to know about this, you think it would be something that would come from Germany! I'm almost hoping I'm misinformed (though my source is the Pelikan US distributor, so that's pretty darn reliable).

  • Ron

     This is (now was) my favorite ink ever.  I am filled with sadness.

  • Dan

    Argh…I hope it makes a return, even if rebranded as something else…

    Oh, by the way, still waiting for your VP review 😉 Hope your helpers return soon to free up your time!

  •  I'm sorry Ron! You're not alone (clearly).

  •  The VP review is forthcoming. I've been insanely busy these last two weeks, and I look forward to when I have 'down time' in the late evenings that I can use to do more videos! 🙂 As for this evening, I'm still up packing orders….

  • Tim (Seattle)

    It's a classic blue-black ink. 
    Sheaffer and Lamy blue-blacks appear similar in color. I bought a bottle of Pelikan BB from you a few weeks ago. 

  •  I think you may have gotten my last!

  • Nicky

    What is it with pen/paper/ink companies discontinuing or significantly changing their best products? I'm surprised that they chose to discontinue Blue-Black over "Brilliant" Red, too. The red is arguably one of the most disappointing inks out there and it's certainly Pelikan's weakest ink colour. 

  • Renée

     Maybe they have a replacement for it planned in the Edelstein line-up?

  • soei


    I thought I sent the info on Blue Black, but I guess I did not. Here is the answer I received from Germany on the subject.

    "Many thanks for your message. It is correct, that at the moment our Pelikan ink 4001 blue-black is not available in the US.
    One of the Federal US laws is TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act). This inventory list includes all allowed ingredients for e.g. chemical products. By checking all these allowed ingredients, we found out, that our Pelikan ink blue-black has one ingredient, which is not listed. This does not mean, that it is toxic, but we stopped supplying the US-market with this product (in bottles and in cartridges as well), to follow the regulation.

    It is not so easy to change one part of a recipe, if you want to keep the color and the stability as well, so that the user will not be disappointed. Therefore I cannot name a date, when we will be able to supply the US market again. In the meantime I might recommend our new ink-series Edelstein Ink in 7 attractive colors. Have a look at our website where you can find images and information about these new products. Maybe you fell in love with one of these colors.

    Many thanks for your understanding and best regards from Germany"

    I hope this explains the reason for this ink coming off the shelf.


  • It doesn't sound like it was a demand issue, but a regulatory one.

  • This sheds a little light on the situation. I'm a little off-put that they would 'recommend' the Edelstein inks as a replacement…there's no Edelstein in a blue-black color!!

  • Kate Marshall


  • I see Pelikan's position but…the whole thing is really stupid.

  • Mr. Matt

    Is there currently a demand for Pelikan's Blue Black ink?
    I have several bottles of 2oz. NOS to offer up into the abyss.