Friday, May 27, 2011

Rhodia Dot Webbies have landed!

Dot Webbies have finally arrived! It's been about 6 months since it was announced they would be made, and they are finally available. They're just like the other Rhodia Webnotebooks (version 3.0) like I mentioned in this post, but with a 5mm dot grid format like in the Rhodia dotpads (in this post). Very cool!

They have 90g off-white Clairefontaine paper like the other Webbies, with pale grey dots that are very subtle. It's a great format for providing guidance for your writing without taking away from it.

Dot Webbies are going to start to be available at retailers all over the US, if you'd like to get them from the Goulet's, you can find them here.

What do you think? Are you excited?


  1. The last thing I need is another notebook. But I think the first thing I'm gonna get is another notebook.

  2. ahhhh this notebook and a noodlers flex would be glorious! Soon, very soon both shall be in my grubby little hands :) 

  3. Haha, yes indeed! Flex pens are set to arrive the end of next week, not sure yet exactly which day ;)

  4. I'm gonna switch it up and order a black one. For me, this is shocking!

  5. I've got a black one on the way!

  6. Tempted, very tempted. I'm trying to use up a few of the notebooks I already have, though. Insane, I know.


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