Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We're back! Write Time Topics 5/24/11

After two weeks off, we're excited to be back for tonight's Write Time broadcast! Here's what we'll be covering tonight:
  • What life was like for us the last two weeks
  • Lamy Aquamarine Safaris (limited)
  • The discontinuing of Pelikan Blue-Black
  • Vanishing Point bodies
  • Noodler's Flex and Music pen latest updates
  • Dot Webbie updates 
  • Change in Diamine Crimson
  • Special guest series posts on Ink Nouveau
  • Dodging the bullet on Canada Post strike
We're excited to have you all back and to be back into our routine. We missed doing our last couple of broadcasts and we're glad to be back to 'normal', haha! Come join us live tonight at 9pm Eastern US time if you can, if not, we'll repost the recording tomorrow.


  1. Welcome back!  I missed you, too.

  2. Thanks Wayne! We're glad to be back!

  3. :) It was a long two weeks! I think that this is the longest we've gone without broadcasting since we started in April 2010!

  4. WOOOOHOOOOO Can't wait. I love Write Time @ Nine. I've only missed watching one episode live, since becoming a fan in January, when I went to see the Foo Figthers documentary. I hope my school schedule still allows me to catch you guys live, so far so good. Exaclair posted on their twiiter that the dot webbies were in how long till you guys get them?

  5. I'm glad you're such a fan! Thanks for your loyalty ;) We're excited to be back and we have a lot to discuss!

    About the dot webbies...you'll have to wait until tonight to see what's going on! ;)


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