Write Time 5/24/11

We’re back! We covered a bunch of stuff here, Noodler’s Flex Pens, Lamy Aquamarine Safaris, Pelikan Blue-Black, Pilot Vanishing Point bodies, dot Webbies (coming very soon!), Diamine Crimson changes, and of course, other random topics 😉 Thanks to everyone for giving us a warm welcoming back from our two week hiatus. It’s great to be back!

We also announced our June Ink Drop theme: Blue Skies! We’re excited about this month, lots of great colors we have underrepresented in the past 😉

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  • Nicky

    Lots to say!

    If people are looking for a Phileas, I know the eBay user lewertowski (store name Pen Seller From France) almost always has a few in each colour and nib size for about $30 or so per pen. I've bought from him a number of times and he is reliable.

    I'd be really excited to see Sailor pens at Goulet Pens. The Sailor Sapporo/ProGear Slim has been on my wishlist for some time, as has the Professional Gear.

    I wasn't aware you could send in posts as a guest blogger. If I can come up with anything I think would be interesting to a larger audience, I will email you for sure.

  • I'm unsure if the Phileas has been discontinued altogether or if it's just discontinued in the US. If it's just in the US, I would suspect you will still be able to find them internationally or from a retailer who's able to import them. If they're discontinued altogether, then expect them to get harder and harder to find.

    The Sailor ProGear Slim is a cool pen! I'll be posting a video pretty soon on our first impression of that pen. Rachel loves it, and has ordered a pink one for herself 😉

    We're always open to ideas for guest blogs. I like guest blogs especially if they're ideas that I normally wouldn't have thought to do. There are a lot of creative people that do some really cool stuff with pens and ink, and I love to see how creative people can be!

  • Ryan

    While FedEx is certainly more expensive than USPS, I'm not sure it's quite as expensive as you say. $70 for a 1 pound package sounds high. Several weeks ago, I sent a small box that weighed about 18 ounces to Canada for ~$18 for the Reddit Snack Exchange. Granted, the package was about 8x8x8 inches so you wouldn't be able to ship anything but ink bottles, some pens and only the smallest pads of paper in a box that big. However, the biggest problem that I encountered is the sheer amount of paperwork required by them to send a package was insane. With the USPS you just address the package and fill out a (relatively) small customs form. With the FedEx store I needed to address the package and then fill out three separate (loooong) forms.

  • Sven Opitz

    On import duty:
    For Germany under 20 EUR (without postage) it should be customs free (40 EUR if it is a gift).
    If you have to pay duty, you also have to pay a customs fee, coming to around 19-23%, depending on the civil servant doing it, as they categorize it and you pay differently according to category.
    My (up to now) only GPC package was deemed to be near perfect in the way the contents were declared.

  • Sven Opitz

    That is 19-23% customs including tax and fee. Sorry, I just saw that it was badly expressed.