Write Time at 9: May 3, 2011

Link to YouTube for the vid.

Tonight we talked about:

  • Noodler’s Flex pen timelines (probably at least 2 weeks from now)
  • New Habanas
  • Plumix eyedropper conversions
  • My (2) ink journals
  • Platinum Mix-Free ink update

Enjoy the recording! We’ll be back next Tuesday at 9pm Eastern US time, so join us then 🙂

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  • Karen

    Great broadcast! Thanks for the tip on Plumix – mine does have a hole in it so I'm glad I checked before dumping ink all over.

    Question about eyedropper conversions in general:
    Are the o-rings required? Or does just silicone grease on the threads work for some pens?

  • Good thing you checked! As far as whether to use an o-ring, silicone grease, or both, it's going to vary by pen. If the threads on the pen are very tight, silicone grease alone may do the job. On the Plumix, they're a tad loose, so I'd feel better about using both. Actually, I just do both for any conversion on any pen, but that's me.

  • Karen

    Thanks for the clarification Brian.

    I wondered because I have a Stipula Passoporto that came with a converter and an eyedropper in the box. But no o-ring. I did try using just grease and I've had no problems with leakage so far. But I wondered if that was just an exception.

  • Rhea

    Just got my ink drops! I won't give anything away for those who haven't received them yet but 2,3 & 5 were on my wish list to try!!!!! #1 looks promising too – #4 I already have a bottle of….so I think they were GREAT choices! I'm getting out my dip pens right now to try them….thanks!
    P.S. Off topic, but I'm wondering if we should coordinate snack choices for the next Write Time at 9? haha

  • Rhea

    Oh Lordy Lordy – my list of favorite inks is growing! Now I can officially say I adore every ink in this drop! Good job & good taste too!

  • Well, if it leaks then you'll know you need an o-ring! 😛 😉

  • I'm glad you like them! Rachel and I will take it personally if you don't, haha!

    Coordinate snacks, huh? I could definitely go for some popcorn next time… I'm kidding! I know I eat loudly, so I'm going to try to limit my food intake during broadcasting!

  • Awesome! Glad to hear it. We obviously love them all…