Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Write Time 6/21/11: Premiere LE Reveal

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We want to give a special thanks to Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Co. for joining us by phone for the broadcast, it's always a good time having you on! The special occasion was for the reveal of the Edison Nouveau Premiere Limited Edition pen, which we've mentioned briefly before but not in great detail. We wanted to wait to talk until we had something to show, and now we do:

The material is a polished black and blue swirl ebonite, which is remarkably hard to photograph! From arm's length, the pen looks mostly black, but on closer inspection you will see the dark blue swirls appear before you. Ebonite is a hard rubber material used for decades in fountain pens, and has a great feel in the hand.

The overall weight, balance, length, and all other dimensions are identical to the other three Premiere pens. It comes with a steel nib in a choice of fine, medium, or broad, inspected and adjusted by Brian Gray himself before shipping. The clip and nib are Rhodium plated, and the pen is engraved and backfilled in a matching silver with the corresponding number for each pen, accompanied by a letter of authenticity signed by both of us Brian G's. There will be 50 pens made in total (with the exception of artist's proofs, like the pen used in these pictures), sold for $200. Extra steel nibs are available, since they are interchangeable in the pen.

Ink Drop July

We also revealed the Ink Drop theme for July: Flashlight Tag! Rachel and I recall playing outdoor games with our friends as sunset turned to dark, one of which was a game of 'tag' played at night, using flashlights. This month's drop will be yet another new experience, doing something we've never done before. That's all we'll say for now, we hope you like it!

New Pens and Inks

We also have a lot of new exciting things coming to GouletPens.com. To start, we're bringing back the Pelikan Pelikano and Pelikano Jr. pens, and we're going to carry the Sailor Professional Gear Slim pens (formerly known as Sailor Saporro's) in pink, green, and orange. We're going to carry Sheaffer Prelude and Sheaffer 300 pens, as well. We also have several new brands we've acquired for both pens and inks, but you'll have to watch our website and Write Time broadcasts over the next couple of weeks to see what comes in! We're very excited :)

Thanks to everyone who joined us live in the chat for this broadcast, and to all of you watching the recording as well. See you next week!


  1. Yeah it was! It's always a good time having you on, Brian!

  2. Just ordered mine a few hours ago.  Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Thank you! Definitely let me know what you think when you get it in person. Try as we might, pictures just don't do justice :)

  4. Ooo that's the Black Torpedo of Death! Very nice.

    You know, I was wondering if you guys have thought of carrying the Kaweco range of fountain pens. They are very nice but it's hard to find them, especially for a good price.

  5. Haha, I wouldn't go throwing around the word 'death' to promote our new pens, but I get where you're coming from ;)

    We have thought about Kaweco. I have one I picked up a while ago, and it's a cool little pen. I can neither confirm nor deny if this is one of our new brands coming in, but I will say you should watch our site in the next week to see what comes in :)

  6. I'll be sure too let you know.  Brian Gray sent me an email this morning saying 18/50 is on its way.  Shouldn't take too long to get from Ohio to Indiana.

  7. Brian put in a long day today and rearranged his schedule so he could get these pens out a day sooner. That's the kind of above and beyond service you get from Edison!

  8. Just ordered this pen today.  It will be my very first fountain pen.  I am really looking forward to this new adventure.

  9. You picked one heck of a first fountain pen! You're starting off right, for sure ;) Congrats, and don't be afraid to email me with questions you have.


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