Write Time 6/29/11

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We had to reschedule our Write Time broadcast from Tuesday this week due to bad thunderstorms taking out our power, so we did our broadcast last night instead. It was a jam-packed evening talking about:

  • Aurora inks
  • Montegrappa inks
  • Online inks and pens
  • Omas inks
  • Sailor Sapporo pens
  • Platinum Mix-Free will be available next week!
  • Platinum 3776 LE Clear Demonstrator pens available next week!
  • Premiere LE availability, only 12 left!
  • Canada Post shipping updates
  • Sheaffer pens in July
  • 4 new brands announced that we’re carrying: Waterman, Parker, Taccia, and Kaweco!
  • We have another pen brand in the works, but we are keeping it a surprise until things are more finalized

It was a fun evening, we were plowing through everything and will plan to get much more in-depth over the coming weeks. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week at 9pm EDT for another Write Time!

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  • Jordan H

    Darn, I just purchased a bottle of Waterman Florida Blue somewhere else.  I could have added it to my next Goulet order!

  • Very glad to see you're finally able to carry Waterman inks! Yay! Okay, but I really don't want the Platinum 3776 LE demonstrator. Honest. Uh. Yeah. Darn it. Platinum has the best nibs…