Assembling the Goulet Sample Vial Holder

Link to YouTube for more viewing options.

We’ve been asked for a video to help assemble the Goulet Ink Sample Vial Holder that we offer for our ink samples. Well, here it is!

I’m pretty sure I covered everything in the video, but if you have any other questions, just ask in the comments. Thanks!
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  • Sven Opitz

    That reminds me, I should have ordered some more of them, because small blemishes in the plastic or not, it is rock solid and I was so pleasantly surprised when the ink drop vial stickers showed up between the top layers, I could have danced.
    BTW you should have used this in the mix free video, as this is a good way to prevent spillage in mixing.

  • Susan Trotter

    I know I will end up buying one of these eventually.  What I plan to do is use a circular label on top of the lid, but do a little ink swab.  Labels may not show the ink as ideally as good paper, but it shouldn't be too off.

  • Haha, Rachel told me to use this in the Mix-Free sampler video, and I forgot 😛 I can link to this blog from it though.

  • Here's where I got the idea for labeling the top of the vials, from a customer/fan of ours:

  • Peiji42

    That's what I do with mine. I use 1/2" diameter white labels (3/4" is too big). I write the ink brand at the top of the label, the ink color at the bottom, and then do a little swab in the center. You're right that the colors don't show up perfectly (at least, not on the labels I bought), but I can definitely tell the difference between Navajo Turquoise and Dragon Catfish Pink without having to take out every single vial to find the right one. It also makes my ink samples look pretty cool. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your method! I'll bet that looks cool with all the different inks in there 🙂