Changing Edison Nibs

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One of the appealing aspects of Edison pens is the fact you can get nibs in fine, medium, and broad, and change them out in your one pen. It’s crazy easy to do, and only requires your fingers.

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  • Melinda

    I think I saw in the Write Time comments that the nibs of Taccia pens are from the same company as the nibs of Edison pens. So I'm wondering if the nibs of Taccia pens are interchangeable with that of Edison pens. I somehow doubt it, but that won't stop me from wanting to own a Taccia pen some day! They're gorgeous! Have you inked up one yet, by the way? I'm curious about how smooth the nib is – I've had a hard time finding info on Taccia on the FPN. 

    On a somewhat related note, I'm so excited about all the new brands coming to Goulet Pens! 🙂

  • Jordan H

    Didn't there also used to be an option for a gold nib? Is it no longer offered?

  • Thanks for making great pens 🙂

  • Yes, the Taccia nibs come from the same nib maker in Germany. I'm not sure if they are interchangeable with Edison nibs yet, I'll need to do some playing around. If so, that would be cool, but I can really only see the advantage if you wanted to get Brian's nibs and put them in your Taccia pens. It looks like Taccia used to sell their nibs separately but don't anymore, we're still working with them to see if this is the case. Brian's nibs are pretty tough to beat 😉

  • We used to have gold nibs as an upgrade on the Premiere (non-LE), but the price of gold has gone through the roof and we stopped offering it through us to keep the price of it down. If you do want it, you can still get it through Edison, you can either contact Brian Gray about it or let us know and we'll put you in touch with him.