Goulet Mix-Free Super Sampler

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The long-awaited Platinum Mix-Free inks have arrived, and I’m tickled to begin playing with them, as I’m sure you are, too! I have purposely avoided mixing inks up until this point because I knew I would be falling down a rabbit hole, never to be seen again! It’s a tangent hobby from fountain pens that can be equally consuming as the pens themselves 🙂 But, now that these inks are here, it’s time to give in and just have some fun sloshing some ink around!

Rachel and I have come up with a super sampler pack of Mix-Free inks to give you the most fun for the least investment for these new inks.

Here’s what we’ve put together:

  • 5ml Mix-Free Aqua Blue
  • 5ml Mix-Free Aurora Blue
  • 5ml Mix-Free Cyclamen Pink
  • 5ml Mix-Free Earth Brown
  • 5ml Mix-Free Flame Red
  • 5ml Mix-Free Leaf Green
  • 5ml Mix-Free Silky Purple
  • 5ml Mix-Free Smoke Black
  • 5ml Mix-Free Sunny Yellow
  • 1 Goulet Ink Syringe Set (2 syringes total)
  • 10 empty Goulet ink sample vials
  • 10 blank sample vial labels
Our goal here was to create a package of the whole set of inks with enough volume to give you something substantial to mix, but at a cost far less significant than buying a full set of the inks. We’ve set the price for the Super Sampler Set at $30, as opposed to the list price of the Mix-Free full set at $189!
In the video, you’re seeing me mix these inks for literally the very first time. I chose to mix Silky Purple and Sunny Yellow, on a whim. Here’s how my mixture came out:


Is it the best looking ink ever? Ehh…not really. It turned out better than I thought it might though. It’s a reddish brown with some yellow mixed in, kind of a different color than anything else I have. But still, the fun is in the process. It will really be a trip to mix each of the different colors with different ratios, and see what happens! I’m very eager to see all of the formulas that you all can create.

I also have a more detailed post on how to use the ink syringes that you can see here in this post.

I didn’t address this in the video, but the ink wrote very nicely. It’s about a medium wetness, not gushing out of the pen, but not dry either. I didn’t experience any feathering or bleeding on the Rhodia 80g paper I used in my No. 16 dotpad, and there was a noticeable degree of shading in my custom mixture. I have yet to thoroughly test the properties of the ink in different pens and on different papers, so if you’d like to add your experiences, I welcome you to do so in the comments below.

You can also use the Ink Sample Vial Holder to help keep everything in place while you’re mixing. I meant to address this in the video, but I forgot! Here’s a video on the vial holder.

I think these inks are going to be a lot of fun. I can see a lot of blog and forum posts pop up about different Franken-ink formulas for the Mix-Free inks, and I’m really, really excited about that 🙂
What do you think?
Update: These inks are no longer available at Goulet Pens.
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  • Delores

    Love it! I am an experimenter so I could envision myself having a blast trying different combinations and ratios of colors!!  Thanks for making an affordable super sampler!

  • You're very welcome 🙂 These inks will be fun for a lot of people!

  • Sven Opitz

    Well, I will have to check, when my set arrives, but the colour you mixed reminded me of Sailor Jentle Doyou, a blackberry/brownish colour, that I quite like. I'll have to check that, once my inks arrive, to see if I saw that correctly. I'll also have to try if I can mix a nice Bordeaux red, although my hopes aren't high, as there does not seem to be areal red in there to start from. But I could start from a mixture of earth brown and Flame red, from the mix free chart that looks close to red. Well I simply can't wait…

  • This is a very good idea. A whole set is too expensive for most people who would like to play with ink mixing. What I don't understand is why Platinum had to come up with all these "primary" colors? We all know that you only need 3 base colors for any possible combination: Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. Plus, if you want even more possibilities, also use Black and White (or substitute white for water).

    I would also recommend that you sell a smaller package of CYMK(W) colors consisting of Noodler's Navajo Turquoise, Yellow, Shah's Rose, Black and possibly Whiteness of the Whale.

    Finally, a "pro" tip for anyone who wants to mix inks: make notes of the proportions used, otherwise you'll discover an awesome color but you won't know the recipe later 🙂

  • Freddy77mac

    Hey, Brian, I LIKE that color you mixed.  I even know what to call it..Goulet Goulash! 😉

  • Brian,
    How are the inks packaged for shipping?  I just want to make sure there is no chance of leakage in shipping.  Are the bottles within plastic bags?

  • For a bourdeax, try half Silky Purple half Earth Brown, or 3 parts Flame Red + 1 part Earth Brown + 1 part Smoke Black. There's a cool thread going on here with some custom recipes: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php?/topic/199621-platinum-mix-free-ink-recipes/

  • Haha, indeed! Goulash was one of the names dumb bullies would call me as a kid….it wasn't really insulting to me though, because it's a pretty far-reaching insult! That and I was always the tallest/biggest kid in my grade, so anyone who picked on me was just a dumb little twerp anyway 😉

  • The CMYK suggestion is an awesome idea! I knew that the Mix-Free inks coming out would spark all kinds of interest in ink mixing. We're definitely open to other super-sampler packs for the purpose of ink mixing, I'll talk with Rachel and see what we can come up with.

  • We actually have a bag in a bag in a bag. Each ink is individually bagged, then those are bagged in our very well-sealed ink sample bags that we use for normal vials that are essentially leak-proof, and those are further bagged again. We wanted to bag them up so that if there was a leak, that it would not ruin anything else (and we'll replace the leaked ink, of course). I have the utmost confidence in this process. But leaks are still amazingly rare.

  • Sven Opitz

    You just made my week.

  • These are fun! 🙂 I've been enjoying them quite a bit too. Nice to see your mixture 😀

  • I know you have been! I've seen your pics all over FPN. 🙂 These inks are a blast!

  • XD James and Ryan asked if they could upload it there so I was happy to share it 🙂 I made some mixtures that I like so hopefully I will blog about those soon too 😀

  • Well I can see why they'd want to share your stuff, I'm happy to do so as well, if you'd like. I see you posted some mixes up on your blog a couple of days ago, nice stuff!

  • Thanks Brian! 😀 I thought to attempt a video with it (give it another go) using the Parallel Pens like I did. It's nice because you can see what colours are possible and maybe it will give everyone an idea on how to do it if they are interested. 🙂

  • Definitely! You refill  your Pilot cartridges right, or do you eyedropper fill your Parallels?

  • I refill the cartridges. I think I prefer that as I don't have to worry as much 🙂

  • ru32day

    I know I'm going to fall to this temptation before too long, but I'm desperately trying to reign in the spending ATM so I'm looking to the early adopters for my "fix" 🙂 Are there any opinions about how these inks write? Do they "feel" similar across the range (which would be quite unusual I think)? The samples I've seen so far seem to indicate they shade nicely when mixed. 

  • snedwos

    And goulash is tasty, so really a rubbish insult…

  • I personally haven't used them to great extent, but the couple that I have seem to perform similarly. They feel similar, but obviously the color gives them different degrees of shading/dry time (just a bit).