Meet Drew

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Drew is a childhood friend of mine, we met in 1st grade. We used to play Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers together in the playground at our elementary school! We recently reconnected when we were looking for some help in the GPC shop a couple of months ago. Drew has been following what we do on Facebook and was eager to jump at the opportunity to be involved in GPC. He’s been doing great, learning the ‘ways of Goulet’ very quickly, and now we’re ready to officially introduce him as a member on our staff since he’ll be more involved in our operations.

Drew is our shipping manager, he is responsible for making sure all of the great products you love come in and go out like they should. He’s my right-hand man, working by my side. He’ll be sending all of the outgoing shipping emails from now on, so I wanted to let you know that he’s not just ‘some guy’, but a valued part of our team.

Drew also likes to draw, he’s been a doodler ever since I can remember. So the adoption of the life of a fountain pen lover has been very natural and exciting for him! I asked him to do a couple of drawings for the blog here, so he did some using his Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue (the pen in his pocket!) with a 1.1mm italic nib and Iroshizuku Kon-Peki on a Rhodia 80g dotpad.

Hopefully you can all embrace Drew as a part of our team. I’ve been working hard with him since he started to make sure he is doing everything to my standards. He’s going to work by my side for a long time, to make sure he knows his stuff inside and out.

Rachel and I have been working like crazy over the last couple of years, and it’s great to have some help. It’s helping us to have a much better work-life balance, and also to focus on things like taking better product pictures, making more videos, and learning the use of our products better. It’s also critical to have Drew help us more as Rachel gets closer to her due date for little Goulet #2 in December! It’s an exciting time for us at GPC, and we plan to share the excitement with you as it unfolds (at least the good parts, haha!).

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  • Hi Drew, nice to meecha! And nice drawings. Is the tough-looking guy in the Batman suit papa Goulet?

  • Dclaytonbrown

    Who knows? Brian is a man of many talents! Haha

  • Welcome, Drew!

  • Hello Drew 😀 

  • Susan_T_meowmda

    Hello Drew. Cool drawings! I didn't know Batman was a lefty.

  • Dclaytonbrown

    Thanks, Julie! Happy to be here!  🙂

  • Dclaytonbrown

    Hey there!

  • Dclaytonbrown

    Brian said the same thing! It was unintentional, but I justified it by saying that Batman would leave his dominant hand free to defend against potential incoming attacks.  😛

  • Kite

    Hard to believe they're of the same age. Drew looks alot younger than Brian! LOL!!

  • Haha, I don't know whether I should be complimented or offended 😉 Drew looks about like he should for his age, I'm an old soul in a young man's body that looks like an old man's body!

  • Cesar Tonatiuh Garcia Ramirez

    So shipping concerns would go to Drew via what email? drew at gouletpens dot com or shipping at goulet pens dot com?

  • MrsGouletPens

    For right now, use It's the same one that currently sends out the tracking numbers when the orders ship. Thanks!

  • Sven Opitz

    Hi Drew, welcome!
    It would be nice to introduce a zip fastener or a ripping cord to the packaging, can save an embarrassing half an hour at customs, trying to show the customs officers, that the product description is correct (my last opening session there raised a few eyebrows) 😉
    I friendly word of warning though, inks are dangerous stuff, poisonous to drink and addictive to use… You Have Been Warned!
    Oh, and they're great fun, too!

    Best wishes

  • Maria LoCastro

    Writing that note upside-down was nefarious.  What a head rush 😛

  • What Rachel said. Really you can email any of us, we're all pretty synched up and we'll get it straightened out 😉

  • But Sven, our overzealous packaging is all part of the Goulet experience! 😉 Seriously though, we can look into something that might make packages easier to open….I can't promise anything but we'll look at what our options are.

  • Drew Brown

    I'm glad you noticed! 

  • Dclaytonbrown

    Hey there, Sven! (I usurped your name briefly during my high school German classes, by the way)
    I quickly discovered that inks and pens are indeed highly addictive substances. It seems the more I learn, the more my preferences and tastes evolve, causing me to want to buy more pens and inks!
    We do make a conscious effort to help ensure customs procedures go smoothly, such as avoiding potentially suspicious terminology (cartridges, syringes, etc.) We'll always be on the lookout to make things more convenient for you – I'll keep an eye out for your next order!  🙂

  • Sven Opitz

    No need to change packaging on my part. Let me be honest, if I could open my package at home, I would celebrate it, being forced to open it at the customs station, I can still celebrate it, as the "overzealous" packaging hides the fact from the customs officers 😉

  • Sven Opitz

    Usurping a Nordic name in high school German classes, what will the Norwegians say 😉
    Believe me, customs go smoothly, except when there is ink involved, the it takes much longer, as colour choices have to be discussed 🙂
    The terminology is no problem, as I have to present everything for correct taxation any ways, which sometimes leads to very interesting discussions…