Nathan Tardif Video On Blue Nose Bear

Nathan Tardif is the man behind Noodler’s inks. He’s the Willy Wonka of the fountain pen world, and his latest concoction is Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear, which I reviewed in my own style in this post. This is a really interesting ink, and I didn’t even realize at first that it flouresces under blacklight (works best on off-white paper, btw).

It’s a 33-minute video, but I think you’ll find it very interesting. Not only does the creator of the ink divulge his motivation behind making this very interesting ink, but he also introduces his brush pen and a new flex pen color. Check it out!

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  • Nick McGregor

    I say that you guys just got the large piston fill bp that used the same body as the brush pen in this video. Any idea on the timeline for getting the brush pen in stock?

  • It does look like the same body. We don't have a timeline yet for the brush pens. Nathan mentioned in the video that he's had to redesign them already, so it'll be a 'handful' of them available. We'll see if we get any, and if so, I'm sure it won't be many. I know he's working on an updated brush pen, but there's no ETA on them yet 😛

  • Freddy77mac

    It's interesting that while I learned a lot from Nathan's video, I got more useful information from yours.  I am not an artist but love writing with a fountain pen.  Besides a letter, I might just write the alphabet or copy a line from a book.  I just love the act of writing.  Your reviews, Brian, tell me what I want to know and, as I mentioned on Write Time @ 9, your videos are succinct yet manage to cover all of the information I need.  Please keep up that style of review. 🙂

  • Freddy77mac

    This is not putting Nathan down at all, it's just that I'd be more likely to try a sample, or buy a bottle, of Blue Nose Bear based on your review rather than his.

  • Thank you for your compliments on my video and reviews. Nathan is the creator of the ink and his videos are always fascinating and captivating to me. He provides insight and depth into his own mindset when creating the ink, which is interesting in its own right. When I do my videos, I am acting more as a liason between seller and user, I try to get across a lot of the practical usage across when I'm giving my perspective.

  • The fact that Nathan has the time at all to make a video amazes me, he has to be the busiest man in the writing world. I always appreciate his insight in his videos. I am glad though that my perspective is also useful. I try to make them complimentary to Nathan's info, not as a replacement.

  • Wow! Another fascinating video from Nathan – thank you for sharing it here. I would've had no idea about the ink's UV reactiveness. From your video, the color and shading remind me of antique writing samples I have come across in old grammar school books and notebooks. But the black light effect is really stunning and unexpected!

    I have already ordered my bottle and I can't wait to try it out for writing and for drawing. Brian, as you mentioned in your earlier post – it will be interesting to see how people end up using this color. It seems as if it would be subtle enough on some papers to work for business use, but the shading properties make it very useful for artists and calligraphers as well. 

    p.s.Ok, someone has to ask…when does the Noodler's 'switchblade' pen come out? That thing looked pretty extreme, LOL!

  • Honestly, the UV reactivity was something I didn't even know about at first, otherwise I would have included it in my video! I will have to always check new inks with a blacklight, just to be sure 🙂 As for the 'switchblade' pen, that's a Nathan exclusive 😉

  • Rhea

    Nathan is nothing if not thorough!  I love listening to the history behind his creations.  He is an historical wizard!  Living on Cape Cod I may appreciate the background more than others I suppose.  Putting such thought into the names of his inks makes them even more desirable in my opinion.  I cannot wait to try this ink!  No fist pounding necessary, looks like this new ink speaks for itself.

  • Nathan is a remarkable individual. I agree with commenters below that I don't learn as much about fountain pen writing from his videos as videos from Brian, but the window into Nathan's mind to me is more than worth the time commitment to watch his lengthy videos. I can't wait to see what passion translates into the next shading ink.,

  • Freddy77mac

    Please understand, it was not my intention to denigrate Nathan's videos.  Indeed, I look forward to them for his insights and surprises (like the UV light surprise) and his one hour plus talk on Write Time @ 9 was a real highlight.  (I sincerely hope he returns, too.)  I was only trying to point out that, for what I like to do with fountain pen and ink, Brian's review proved more useful to me.  That doesn't mean that if and when I get this ink (more like when) I won't be playing with the UV side of it. 🙂

    I apologize for any misunderstanding.

  • Dclaytonbrown

    I am excited about the new brush pen! I just started using my first one, and I love it! A easier-to-clean version would certainly be welcomed, though!

  • Maeo

    Will you be carrying the brush refill for the brush pen soon?

  • Yes indeed, Nathan is quite thorough. It seems like he doesn't do a single thing without thinking on multiple plains. Wizard is a good way to describe him!

  • Yes indeed, the thing about Nathan's videos is that they are purely 'him'. No one else could make a video and fill it with the knowledge that he does!

  • No misunderstanding, I knew what you meant and I think most others do too.

  • I'm eager to see it for myself, of course he did say in the video that it's already being redesigned. I think he's still working on a new one, no eta on that yet.

  • Maybe? I have no idea….we often don't know when we're going to be getting things in from Nathan! I think there will be a small selection of brush pens available at first, then he's going to redesign them. I don't know if they'll use the same refills or what their availability might be. I wish I had more answers for you but for right now, this is all I know 😛