Write Time 7/13/11

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Fun broadcast this one was. We covered my thoughts on the Taccia pens after writing with them, the Platinum Mix-Free inks, Online Vision’s writing, the informal introduction of Drew (our shipping manager), Kaweco pens, and other random tangents. Thanks to everyone who joined us live! See you next week.

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  • MrsGouletPens

    Just a quick update – the other sizes of the Kaweco Sport pens (extra-fine, fine, and broad) should be here at end of the month! I'm working on getting them listed on the site now so that you can sign up for the email-when-back-in-stock list. 🙂

  • Sven Opitz

    Nice one again.  @Rachel:twitter
    I can understand the need for maternity leave, friends of mine had their second beast uhm sorry angel a couple of weeks ago and it is a lot of work.
    However i would love to see pics of Brian breastfeeding the kid 😉

    Mix Free Inks: I think the best argument I have heard was, just because inks are mixable doesn't mean the inks will mix well. If the inks to mix are too saturated, you will have a hard time to mix anything other than a supersaturated ink. That is of course also the best argument for the dilution liquid. I can't wait until my set (a belated birthday present) is through customs…

    Brian, how do you organize you swabs? I got the Clairefontaine Pollen here (Did I say how nice it is to live close to the Netherlands, Belgium and France? It is spectacular to get Clairefontaine!), but I have to admit the only system I could come up with is giving codes to the swabs and manage them on the computer…

  • Excellent point about the Mix-Free. People who mix ink before have always kind of been 'mad scientists' because you're pretty much experimenting non-stop to see what can possibly work together. Having 9 colors to all mix with each other takes the risk out of it, and allows anyone to just mix and go!

    For my swabs, I store them alphabetically by brand, then by color. Nothing special.

  • Stan Norman

    "Fun broadcast this one was."? Have you reverted to Yoda-speak?  Hmmm?

    Is the JustinTV a long term solution?  Although I rarely am able to make the live broadcasts, I do try to watch the archived shows.  Two observations from my end; first, cannot interface with JustinTV on my iPad without purchasing a somewhat expensive app.  Second, sound issues on the last broadcast.  Often could not heart the conversation, especially comments from Rachel.

    Just a few observations from a satisfied customer and fan of the Goulet train!

  • Well, JustinTV was actually a solution of last resort. We were using Ustream and were happy with it for almost a year, then it all of a sudden didn't have working audio! We scrambled to get a new solution and Justin fit the bill, especially because they had integrated YouTube upload…yay! Then they took that away….CRAP! Now apparently there's audio issues….the saga continues. We're at the mercy of these companies for our broadcasting, so we have to take it as it comes. If Justin starts acting crazy and UStream is a better option, we can switch back if we need to. Frankly, I don't really care, I just want to broadcast and have a working chat, darnit!

    That sucks about the iPad app too….do you know if Ustream works on it? The audio issues you mentioned….was is simply a matter of being able to hear Rachel? That could have to do with our mic setup, she's kind of far from the mic and tends to speak softer than me. We'll look into a better mic and see if that helps.