Write Time 7/27/11

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Tonight we talked about:

Thanks to everyone who joined us live, it was a lot of fun this week! Make sure to join us next Wednesday at 9pm EDT.

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  • I caught the broadcast last night but I'm watching it again cause it was so funny. 

  • Sven Opitz

    I had to check out youtube, but yes, the concept of a "show choir" hasn't made it to Germany… It looks pretty demanding, but fun, too.
    If the Omas Blue is now a turquoise, well, I really love their turquoise! I wouldn't really miss the blue, but I know thousands would lynch me for saying that 😉

    It was a very informative, entertaining and funny broadcast, thank you for that!
    Also my greatest thanks to Brian for all the ink reviews already online and those that are prepared! And think of the review for the platinum music nib, it is a wonderful nib to write with and it is certainly something different!

    Thank you!

  • Penemuel

    1. You guys cracked me up. I love watching these.
    2. More pen companies need to make purple ones. I'm still waiting for a nice deep purple Lamy Safari… 😀

  • It definitely was, we were quite punchy 🙂

  • Show choir was a whole lot of fun, but it wasn't like Glee at all. We had to work for the entire school year just for one show with 4-5 songs in it. The whole 'let's show up and throw together a whole routine' business is nonsense!

    I don't know if Omas Blue has permanently changed or if it's a bad batch, we're working on finding out right now.

    I'm really glad you like my reviews! I'll continue to do a whole lot more of them. I'm really enjoying doing them, which is probably the singlemost important aspect of their success! If I enjoy them, I do them more honestly and more frequently, which benefits everyone. And yes, I definitely plan to do a Music Pen review!

  • Haha, everyone was really onto that purple kick! We'll pass the word up to Lamy and say, "The people have spoken, and they want purple!!" 😉

  • carole

    First of all– I'm with Rachel–more pretty pink pens!  Shimmery pastels would be fun.  😉 

    Also wanted to +1 for the platinum music nib review.  I received one as a gift and it's just a beautiful nib. 

    BUT, the flow on my pen isn't so great–it looks like the tines are too close–even with nib flossing the flow isn't great.  Would love to see you demonstrate this pen before I decide if I need a nibmeister. 

    Have been trying to find the .001 brass shims to floss with.  That could help.

    And great Blue Nose Bear ink review, esp page 2.  LOVE the nib comparisons.  Good idea to list shading inks as a category, even if subjective in part–the nib charts are very easy to understand. 

    Maybe a 'Shade Factor Index' ?  From 1 to 10?  For those who get persnickety with opinion-based reviews.  Blue Nose Bear:  scores 7.5 on the Goulet SFI chart.    

    Cheerio for now——–

  • I will plan to do a Music Pen review. I'm sorry yours isn't up to par though…they have outstanding reputations and I'm surprised to hear about your flow issue. Shoot me an email if you'd like to talk more about it and I'm happy to help you out.

    As for the shading factor, the problem is that there are multiple factors involved that affect shading besides just the ink. I would need to have total consistency of paper, pen, and nib to be able to rate anything with repeatable accuracy. Frankly, that's just not for me. I've never been the scientific type and taking on a project like that won't be successful for me. I'm find much more excitement in just grabbing random inks and pens and seeing what happens.

  • carole

    Thanks much!  re:  the nib de musique issues.  Will do.  It's a beautiful pen.  

    Re the shading thing, was typing too fast to make clear, but basically was trying to say, we don't need no stinkin' science ;)— your ink reviews are really great whatever format you decide to use–it's the personal opinion and POV that's actually most interesting.  

    And fun!