Write Time Moving to Wednesdays…?

Rachel and I are coming off of a 4-day family holiday weekend and we have a lot of catching up to do. We’re finding that most weeks, like this one, we just don’t have the time to adequately prepare for Write Time broadcasts by Tuesday night, so we’re thinking of switching to Wednesday nights. We’re going to try it for this week and see how it goes, and possibly look to make it permanent, depending on how it works in our schedule and yours.

What this means is that we won’t be broadcasting tonight (7/5/11), but tomorrow instead (7/6/11). Let us know what you think, good or bad, and that’ll help us make our decision to either keep it on Tuesdays or change it to Wednesdays.

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  • Bdgdl08

    I've been a fan of the Wednesday nights for a while now. It flows better for me, and doesn't seem to conflict with many shows, either

  • Nicky

    Wednesday would actually be better for me. It's Thursday morning here and my toddler is at childcare so I'd be able to watch in peace.

  • Gotcha, okay. Thanks for the vote 😉

  • Alright, cool. That's two votes for Wed. then 😉

  • Either night works for me.

  • Susan Trotter

    Whatever is best for you guys.

  • I haven't been able to make the Tuesday WT@9 for quite a few weeks.  Maybe I'll have better luck w/ Wednesdays too 🙂

  • Marc Bloom

    I'm fine with Wed, too.

  • I'd have a better chance of catching you on a Wednesday, too.  Fine with me!!  🙂  

  • Jdymond24

    Judging from the way my busy weekend went I can truly understand having it tomorrow.  In the future either day is fine with me.  My son has t-ball on Wednesdays but they are done by 9:00 so no big deal. 

  • ducati

    To be honest, write time has lost its interest for me as all you seem to do is announce new products these days and yes, it is becoming boring. Last week i decided not ot bother any more but will be following the other blog posts of course as I am a long time fan.

    I'd rather see more ink reviews and in depth reviews

  • Cool, thanks for your input.

  • Yeah, we're ultimately going to have to do what's best for us, but we can be flexible if there's a strong opinion one way or another.

  • I'm sorry you've missed us 🙁 I'm hoping Wednesdays will help everyone, if we're busy leading into Tuesdays, I imagine others are too.

  • Good, thanks for the feedback.

  • It seems like Wednesday is good for just about everyone!

  • We'll still be recording them all and posting the day after the broadcast, which will be Thursday if we broadcast on a Wednesday.

  • Andy Kuehling

    Wednesday doesn't work for me, but if it is viewable later via JustinTv or YouTube, I'm fine with it. 

  • I'm really sorry to hear you've lost interest, that's tough for me to hear and I take it to heart. I admit we've been talking about new stuff a lot lately, and that's because we have a ton of new stuff that just came in and we've been excited about it. It won't be so 'new stuff' heavy like this ongoing.

    If I may ask, what was it that interested you in our broadcast in the first place that's now missing?

    I think some of the lack of 'excitement' has been the fact that we've been pretty tired, especially Rachel. This pregnancy has been tough on her, and by the time 9pm rolls around, she's pulling pretty hard just to stay alert. Of course that affects me too, because I play off her spunk! I'm working to think how we can keep Write Time interesting and captivating ongoing, especially as Rachel gets further and further along in her pregnancy, and of course once our new child comes along. I don't have a magical answer for that yet.

    I've also been struggling with showing writing samples and anything where details are important because the quality of the video during the live broadcast is just not that great. I'm finding that all of the colors are off, and you can't see fine details of nibs, pen accents, ink shading, etc. I'm left having to just talk about what's going on rather than showing it, which is tough to do.

    I am working to try to do more in-depth reviews, and I admit that it's been something lacking a bit lately. I don't want to just make excuses, but a lot of it is just that detailed reviews take a ton of time to do, and time is not something I've had at all lately. I'm already giving every spare minute of my day to run things day-to-day and spend adequate time with my young family. What little free time I would have is spent taking pictures and making videos, and it just hasn't been as much as I would have hoped lately. Rest assured, I'm working as hard as I can and the quality and volume of my posts here on Ink Nouveau are always on my mind.

  • I'm sorry Wednesdays aren't ideal for you, but yeah, we'll continue to repost the video after the fact the following day.

  • Jesse

    Personally, I'm more interested in watching Write Time when you have new products to show off. I've only been watching for about 6 months now, but as far as I'm concerned the best episodes so far have been interviews and new products. Write Time's not exactly the best place to give in-depth reviews – you've got your blog posts for that.

    I can't speak for others, but I've found Write Time to be a great way for you guys to keep me up-to-date on the news in the GouletPens/fountain pen world; products available, tips & tricks and retail news I may not be privy to. And, of course, it's been great to tap into the wealth of knowledge and humor that live Write Time viewers/chatters have to offer.

    As far as I can tell, the only thing you guys haven't had a lot of time for lately is general Q&A, but when there's a lull in the new products I'm sure you'll have more time for that during broadcasts.

    Brian, I see you really did take that comment to heart and I just wanted to throw my appreciation in. You and Rachel are anything but slackers and I think the density of the Write Time broadcasts and blog posts and new product lines certainly show that.

    No complaints here – I say keep up the good work… Tuesday or Wednesday 🙂

  • Freddy77mac

    Jesse, I agree with you 100%.  Brian and Rachel, if I had one complaint, it's that, Rachel, you ARE pregnant and you should not be dragging yourself to Write Time at 9:00 when you're not up to it. 

    Learning about new products is an important aspect for your customers as buyers and you as sellers.  I have never seen anything like Write Time anywhere else and get a big kick out of it.  In fact, when I was in Scotland last month and couldn't get to the live show, I just hooked into Justin TV and I was good to go.

    What gets me about Write Time, and your videos in general, is your honesty.  Instead of saying something like such and such purple is great, sensational, wonderful, you'll sit there and say something like such and such purple is okay but I'm much happier with the look of thus and such purple, though a lot of people out there like such and such.  And you sell the stuff!  Now that's honesty you just can't find anywhere else.  The personal light touch the two of you add is also great. 

    Finally, you have come up with some really great shows like when Nathan was on talking about his Noodler's products or anytime Brian Gray is on chatting about his pens (sure wish I could afford one…maybe someday).

    For me either Tuesday or Wednesday would be fine.  As I said, if I can't make it then there's always Justin TV. 🙂  Just please, keep up the good work but take a break when you need it. 

  • Rhea

    Wednesdays work fine for me. 

  • Anon

    Why not just do it once a month, for instance on the first Wed of the month. That might save you some time to prepare, and more of us could attend.

  • Peiji42

    Tuesday or Wednesday makes no difference to me. I usually end up watching them after the fact anyway, since I can't watch JustinTV on my home computer.

  • Good to hear, Rhea!

  • We've thought about this, and that is an option. We've thought about cutting back to maybe once every two weeks or once a month, I've just always liked doing them week-to-week because frankly, hardly a week goes by when there isn't something to talk about! There have been some weeks where we just haven't had any time to prepare anything, nothing new has come out, and we've just been so tired that we cancelled. And we'll continue to do the spontaneous cancelling if it's just too much for us to handle on a given week. But for the time being, continuing week to week is something that we're able to do so we'll keep it up.Trust me though, if it's too much for us, you'll be able to tell and we'll cut back.

  • Oh, bummer! Did Ustream work okay for you? Is it a bandwidth issue or just a JustinTV issue? In general, we've gotten good feedback about Justin so far. The only thing we really miss is the ability to do polls!

  • Nicky

    I completely agree with both Freddy and Jesse. Write Time works for me because of the honesty and the spontaneity. It's like having an in-depth discussion with other pen aficionados about our favourite topic, rather than just watching a podcast or some such. It's personal. It's precisely that personal touch that keeps me coming back. I feel part of a community and as though I know you and Rachel. I'm frankly much more likely to purchase from someone I feel I know than a total stranger.

    I also agree that Write Time is not the best medium for reviews of products. The lighting is a problem and it's probably harder to give a fair review when you have questions flying at you.

    I have to add that Rachel, you must be Super Woman. When I was pregnant, I could barely keep my eyes open by 8.30pm, let along 9:00. And this was my first pregnancy, with no other children to care for! Your dedication is inspirational. That being said, I wouldn't be at all offended if you took much needed rest instead of doing Write Time! That goes for you, too, Brian.

    In short, you both wear your hearts on your sleeves and that is what makes Write Time special.

  • Thank you so much ducati, Jesse, Freddy, and Nicky! Your genuineness is truly appreciated. Write Time is one of those things that we do (like Ink Drop) that is a trail being cut as we go, so we're going to have to move and change and adapt as we learn things. One thing we're going to get back to is a little more Q&A, which I'm looking forward to now that most of the new stuff is in. We have a ton of stuff to talk about now, and we can pick a few things to focus on each week, with plenty of room to improvise and move about.

    Rachel is my super-woman, that's for sure 🙂 She works and watches Joseph all day, then works more with me at night. We work a lot, but that's who we are (so we don't want you to feel bad for us!). Write Time, and really the blog in general, is supposed to be fun for everyone involved. If it becomes a burden for us, we'll cut back. I think we'll be okay for a while though 🙂

  • JamieWG

    Either night works okay for me occasionally, and one wouldn't be better than the other. I can't always make it no matter which evening it is, so I pop in when I can. I hope you don't go to once a month, since that will make it even harder for me to do it on a drop-in-when-I-can basis.

  • JamieWG

    Replying to myself here with an additional thought…..Perhaps keeping it on Tuesdays, then bumping that to Wednesdays whenever it's more convenient for you, gives you a little more flexibility and can come in really handy…….

  • Ducati

    Sorry to appear negative Brian and hope it wasn't too bad a thing to hear. You are uniqiue in what you bring to the business and the things you have done. Innovations such as the ink drop, swab shop and others are fantastic.

    What I liked was the slower pace and more in depth type of write time that you used to deliver before the company really grew to carry so much stock – and also so many new products each month (I still rememebr you saying that Goulet will never carry pens 🙂 ). You used to really talk about items and show them clearly on camera – maybe there is a way to bring that back? Fewer items and more depth.
    To me, the current programs are composed of three things really:
    a) a list of new products (not of interest to me in vdieo format and could be listed on the front web page) or simply included in Rachel's emails.
    b) interaction with people who are watching live (I cannot watch live) and so we see one side of a conversation which again, is not very interesting.
    c) occasional additional contributors such as Nathan – I like this and find it very informative and interesting
    NOTE I do not find you or Rachel uninteresting, just the rapid list of new stuff.

    I love to hear you and Rachel talking about the business and the pen world, but long lists of new products just doesn't cut it – the last write time I watched 1/2 way before closing it down – I have watched every other one from start to end, often with rapt attention.

    Maybe things will improve as your stock levels off and fewer new items come in. Also, I should add that I tend to buy Pelikan, Montblanc, Visconti, Parker Duofold etc. in preference to cheaper pens and so possibly have less interest than others in the pens you talk about.

    The kind of things I really miss from you are the in depth reviews of inks and paper that you used to give us. I do like the new stuff though such as the short pen reviews when you take them from the packaging to first use.
    On balance, people tend to buy ink and paper most regularly and I would like more video reviews of ink/paper combinations or comparisons of different inks of sinilar colours etc. – I always look to your site for review or swab shop before buying an ink or book.

    At the end of the day we are all different and it appears that Jesse, below for instance, has the opposite view to myself. Whatever form write time takes some will like it and some not, bnut it is unique and ground breaking and much kudos to you both for doing it (especially when pregnant)

  • I also think that the best form for the more in depth comparisons and evaluations of new products or the explanations for various processes that need up-close and personal viewing is in the youtube videos, which Brian does so well.

    I can't always watch the live broadcast, either, so I expect that I will miss a few things that are addressed by live comments and questions.  The Goulets try to remember to tell us what the questions or comments are that they are responding to, but it is a live broadcast.  And they are excited to let us know what their new products are, as they should be.  I tune in to find out what's new with Goulet Pen Company–whether it's products, opinions, or new babies.    

    The live broadcast is unique–along with the Ink Drop and Swab Samples and just being able to ask questions and get answers from the owners of a shop–whether it is on a live broadcast or via email.  The bigger the company gets, the harder it will be for them to keep up with everything and please everybody.  Things change.  They always do.  Times are hard, they are trying to make a living, and it can certainly help to have a broader range of merchandise.  They obviously work very hard and spend many hours to try to remain a personal company.  I even felt badly that you sound disappointed–for you and for them.

    Myself–I have no complaints.  I appreciate their uniqueness, openness, and honesty.  I would miss the live broadcasts, even if I watch many of them after the fact.  I think they are doing a fantastic job.