Earthquake and a Hurricane in one week!

We already had an earthquake earlier this week, something QUITE unusual around here in central Virginia. Now we’re facing Irene, one of the gnarliest hurricanes to hit the East Coast in years. Thankfully we’re located a couple of hours inland from the coast, so it’s technically a tropical storm where we are. We already lost power earlier today and I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost it again. The best way to reach Rachel and me (Brian) is to send us an email and we’ll respond back to you as soon as we can. We’re not anticipating major damage or anything, and we have prepared for it, so don’t worry about us too much. We just wanted to keep you up to date 🙂

Update as of 11:17am Sunday 8/28 – Our house and shop are still without power, but thankfully there was absolutely no damage to either. My parents live about 10 minutes away and they have power, so we’re camping out there for now. We’ll still be able to pack and ship orders as usual, we’ll just need to print invoices and labels at my parent’s house. It’ll be a little crazy, but we’ll keep on trucking! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers, there is a lot of devastation and there will be a lot more all along the East Coast.

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  • Pat

    Rosanne Rosanna Danna: "It's always something"
    (From: Saturday Night Live)

  • Good to hear you guys will be ready to handle the "hurricane orders".  (Yeah, while I was busy watching trees fall over I was ordering pens)

  • CatBookMom

    So glad to know you and your family are OK.  I'm sure that your customers will be patient while you get through the outages; after all, the USPS may be having a few problems too. 

  • Haha, I know, right?

  • Haha…your dedication will be rewarded 😉 We'll be shipping out orders in the order they came in, so the earlier you placed it, the earlier we'll ship it 😉 Even though we're out of power, we'll still be in there packing stuff up wearing headlamps and carrying light sticks, it'll actually be kind of fun (in a "we just had a devastating storm come through kind of way"). 😛

  • I was actually impressed, our mail carrier still delivered the mail on Saturday, just a couple hours before the worst of the storm hit! Even if USPS is having issues, we'll still pack everything up and be ready to ship them as soon as USPS goes back online (that's if they're even down in the first place, I don't know one way or another right now).

  • Steven A Horvat

    Hey just mother nature having temper-tantrum. Be safe out there!

  • Richard

    Hang in there!  I'm glad to you and the family are okay.

  • "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"
    Time to add hurricanes to that 🙂