Edison Collier Sneak Peek

See if you can guess why Brian Gray is smirking at the end of the video, it’s not what it sounds like, I swear!

We had the opportunity to see the latest Edison pen, the Collier, this past weekend while we were at the DC Pen Show. We used the opportunity to snag Brian Gray and record a quick peek at the new pen in the 3 colors, and see how they compare to the Edison Nouveau Premiere and Edison Hudson. We’ll have more info posted on these pens soon, I just wanted to give a quick tease.

Edison Collier in Antique Marble, Silver Marble, and Persimmon Swirl.
Edison Collier, Edison Hudson, and Edison Nouveau Premiere.

Here are the dimensions for the Collier:

Body Material: Acrylic resin
Clip Material: Gold-Plated Steel
Nib Material: Gold-Plated Steel or 18k Gold
Nib Size:    #6 nib, in fine (0.5mm), medium (0.635mm), or broad (0.8mm)
Cap Type: Screw-type
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/converter (included), or convertable to eyedropper
Overall Weight: 30 grams (1.06oz)
Cap Weight: 10 grams (.35oz)
Body Weight: 20 grams (.71oz)
Overall Length (capped): 149mm (5.875in)
Overall Length (posted):  Does not post
Body Length: 130mm (5.125in)
Cap Diameter (no clip): 16.5mm (.65in)
Cap Diameter (with clip): 18.5mm (.73in)
Body Diameter: 15mm (.59in)
Nib Length: 23.5mm (0.9in)

Edison Colliers are available for sale for $150 at GouletPens.com.

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  • I have a couple of milestones I want to buy pens for in the next year to eighteen months, and that Silver Marble model is a serious contender. Of course, it seems this is a fantastic time to be looking for milestone pens. I found yet another great candidate this morning as well. 
    Well done, Brian Gray, and well done to the Goulets for being in on the production aspect of Edison. 

  • Kevin t

    All three are very beautiful!

  • J.Fine

    What is the total pricing structure of this NEW pen?




  • I'm pretty sure I have seen something (on FPN maybe) that suggests this is $150 just like the typical production model from Edison. If you want it customized, it's the same pricing as a custom Edison (which I think runs $250) and I think you buy those from Brian Gray direct. I'm sure Brian Goulet will be along to confirm or correct these statements eventually.

  • Great looking pen.  I have Hudson bulb filler in Silver Marble and love the colors of this pen.  I like that Persimmon Swirls too.

  • Sven Opitz

    The Antique Marble looks nice to me, but the overall design is too classical for my taste, although I know, that many people especially love the understated designs

  • Freddy77mac

    Beautiful!  However, I almost invariably post my pen caps and not being able to do so would be frustrating for me.

     Is Joseph making Brian Gray smile near the end of the video?

  • The silver marble is really cool, the video does a pretty good job of showing it's depth (of course it always look better in person!). What other pens are you considering for your milestones (if you don't mind my asking)?

  • I agree!

  • The pens are going to sell for $150 with a steel nib, $275 with an 18k gold nib. Custom colors are more, and those are only available directly though Edison. The colors you see here are the ones that are available as production pens.

    Brian is working on them this week, and they'll be ready to ship tomorrow.

  • Ohh…nice! I bet that looks awesome!

  • Brian Gray's specialty is the understated designs, they're not for everyone though.

  • Yeah, the non-posting of the pen will inevitably be a dealbreaker for some. That's okay though, since there are several other great Edison options.

    No, it's not Joseph at the end of the video. I'm surprised no one else is guessing!

  • Iwao

    Those pens look beautiful!  I'm still pretty early into my pen voyage (my "expensive" pen so far is just a Safari), but I definitely want an Antique Marble (maybe for Christmas? 😉 ).  Like someone else said, a "milestone pen".

    And, it may just be me being immature and such, but is he smiling cuz someone farted?  I keep kinda hearing a fart sound in the video (but like I said, could just be me being immature.)

  • MrsGouletPens

    Haha, no one actually farted, but we were laughing because it sure sounded like someone did! There was a guy in a leather chair nearby that adjusted his seat and it sounded like a big fart. Guess it shows how immature we are (Brian Gray, and me behind the camera especially). 🙂

  • Iwao

    Oh!  I was almost right then XD.  And farts/fart sounds are funny to all ages, so maybe not immature XD

  • Haha, I'm glad someone finally guessed why we were laughing! It's now an inside joke between us and the Gray's that we're happy to share with everyone 😉

  • Visconti Homo Sapiens (maybe, depending on the milestone)
    Gate City Postal (unsure of size)
    Gate City New Dunn
    Pilot Custom 823

    My goals, by the way, are a possible work promotion which very well may be the Homo Sapiens if I go in that very expensive direction and a personal fitness goal of note.