Ink Drop Reveal- August 2011

This month’s Ink Drop theme is ‘New Kids on the Block’. We chose a selection of inks that were new (at least to us) to introduce to you. Here they are!

We had a bit of drama at the last minute choosing the last ink, it was actually supposed to be Omas Blue. But we had a problem with the color, we had actually received several bottles of what appeared to be an Omas Turquoise/Blue hybrid, and we’re still sorting out what happened there. Thankfully, Noodler’s had JUST released Blue Nose Bear a few days before the Drop was to go out, so we dramatically and frantically changed it out 😉 
I’m going to look to do more detailed reviews of all of these inks throughout the month, you can see the one I’ve already done on Blue Nose Bear here. If you’re interested in still signing up for Ink Drop for this month, you have through August 14th to do it and still get these inks. You can sign up here.
We were honestly concerned with this month because last month’s Drop was SOOOO popular. I didn’t know how we’d be able to follow it up! It seems from threads on forums like the Fountain Pen Network that these colors are a really big hit, especially because they are ones that a lot of you don’t already have. What do you all think of this month’s colors?
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  • Penemuel

    I think the colours are great! It definitely helped me decide on a purchase, too (and gave me a small supply of black ink so if I ever decide to use some, I have some. LOL)

  • I'm glad you liked it! It's actually been a while since we've done a black ink…now that I think about it!

  • Elizabeth

    Three of the colors in this month's drop were ones I'd wanted to try. 🙂 It really changed my mind about Sailor Epinard – based on other people's pictures, etc., I really didn't think I'd like it, but I tried it anyway and now I want a full bottle. lol I thought I'd hate it, but it may end up being one of my favorite greens! 🙂 I haven't tried the others yet but I intend to soon.

  • Same here! I'd wanted to try all of these inks, but the sailor really impressed me. I've already ordered a bottle of the epinard, and the peche.

  • Blizzard

    This month's ink drop has been awesome. I already planned on purchasing the Noodler's Blue Nose Bear so it was perfect for me to being able to manifest my decision by trying it out first. I also thought at the beginning I don't like the Epinard, but as soon as I swabbed it out and wrote with it, I was amazed by the lovely color and the amazing shading, now it's certainly gotten one of my favourite inks.
    The only color I really hated was the Aurora Black (just because I hate black in general for inks, it's just nothing special…).
    How many people are there currently on the ink drop? I can imagine there being a lot of people so isn't it hard to do it for all of them?

  • This is what we've heard from a lot of Ink Drop members….that Epinard has been the surprise ink! A lot of folks thought they wouldn't like it and have turned out to really love it. That makes us really happy, because that's what Ink Drop is all about…getting you to try inks you wouldn't otherwise 😉

  • That's awesome that you got to try BNB since you were looking to get it anyway! Epinard has been a pleasant surprise for a lot of people, it's a really nice green with very few comparable green colors to it. I'm sorry the Aurora didn't light your world on fire, but at least you can say you've used it now 😉

    We don't really want to say exactly how many members we have at this point, let's just say it's a lot. There are some challenges with getting enough ink to do them, but it's nothing that some good planning can't overcome. We have to think out several months in advance what colors we want to do, and sometimes we can't pick our first choice for one reason or another. But honestly, there are still so many great colors that we've never used for the Drop that we'll be able to keep it going for a long, long time 😉

  • Sven Opitz

    This was a very nice ink drop. The Aurora Black is one of the standards of good black inks.
    The Montegrappa Bordeaux is quite close to the Bordeaux I am looking for, The Havana is a very nice brown ink that behaves really well, the Epinard is a nice green, though I stay with Spearmint and the Blue Nose Bear was a very nice surprise I haven't tested yet.

  • I'm glad you enjoyed it all!