New Rhodia Unlimited, Premium ‘R’ Tablets, and Pad Holders

It’s been a very long wait, but the new Rhodia notepads have finally arrived. We first heard about them in December of last year, and they were delayed until now. They’ve just arrived, so we’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to these long-awaited notebooks. There are three main new products:

1) Rhodia Unlimited Notebook
2) “R by Rhodia” Soft-Touch Premium Notepads
3) Padholders in new sizes

Rhodia Unlimited Notebook 

This is a small 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ notebook with the new ‘soft-touch’ cover. It kinda feels like rubber, or suede, or something in between… very nice! It comes in orange or black, with the opposite color on the reverse side of the cover. It has an orange and black elastic closure, which is a really nice touch. It has 60 sheets (120 pages), of the usual 80g white Rhodia paper. Ours are lined, but ongoing they are supposed to be graph. And there is a new feature not seen in any other Rhodia side-bound notebook, microperforations!

R by Rhodia premium ‘soft-touch’ notepads 

These come in three sizes: No. 12 (3-3/8″ x 4-3/4″), No. 16 (5-7/8″ x 8-1/4″), and No. 18 (8-1/4″ x 11-3/4″). All are available in orange or black covers, and in 7mm lined or blank paper. They have the same amazing rubbery covers as the Unlimiteds.

The biggest difference between these new premium notepads and the regular Rhodia top staplebound notepads is the paper. The new premium notepads have super-smooth 90g ivory paper (like the Rhodia Webnotebooks), whereas the regular Rhodia notepads have 80g white paper. The paper is actually made by Clairefontaine (Rhodia’s sister company), so if you are familiar with the smoothness of Clairefontaine paper, it has exactly the same feel.

The new premium notepads have 70 sheets per notepad, whereas the regular Rhodia notepads have 80 sheets. And the new notepads have the soft-touch cover with the contrasting color on the reverse side.

The lined paper in the premium notepads have 7mm line rulings, just like the regular notepads. But all three sizes are without margins, which is different from the No. 16 and No. 18 regular notepads.

Pad holders 

These are new in No. 08 (3-1/4″ x 8-1/4″) and No. 18 (8-1/4″ x 11-3/4″). They also have some for the two square Le Carré sizes. These come in black or orange covers, and accommodate both the new premium notepads as well as the regular line of Rhodia top staplebound notepads. All comes with an orange graph regular Rhodia notepad and have a small pencil loop.

These are all great new products from Rhodia, and we’re proud to offer them. We’re particularly excited about the Premium pads, because we’ve been asked time and time again for ‘off-white Clairefontaine’. Well, this is it!

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  • Steven A Horvat

    I am excited and confused at the new Rhodia products that came in. I'd love to try the new premium paper. I just tried out two days ago the Rhodia Dot pad which finally came in and it is by far the best paper ever! The Premium Paper is nicer than that…so I don't know how you can make it any better. The confusion is the pad holders? they come with the graph paper or not? and why are they so flimsy? It looks like a piece of vinyl are all pad holders like that? Will Rhodia have the unlimited notebooks with the elastic band on larger size pads too? 

  • Sven Opitz

    I like the Unlimited, but the Premium with ivory paper could also be very interesting – Decisions, decisions…

  • Steven A Horvat

    how about a Premium Unlimited with Blank paper. I don't much care for it being able to rip out though.

  • Sven Opitz

    Yes, that would be fantastic 🙂 Micro perforation in small notebooks is important to me, because I can jot something down and then give the sheet to someone else, always nice to have…

  • The dotpads have been out for well over a year, they were a new release. I have a blog post I did in June of last year on them:

    The dotpad paper is awesome, but the new Premium paper is even smoother and a bit thicker, plus it's off-white.

    All of the pad holders, in all sizes, come with an orange cover Rhodia pad with graph paper.

    I don't know why they're flimsy like that, it's just how they're designed. I don't know if they're vinyl, Rhodia calls it 'leatherette'.

    The current size of the Unlimited is all there is for that format, I don't believe there are plans for any different sizes of them, but if there's demand for them, they sure could do it. Rhodia's pretty good about responding to people's interests.

  • Why is the microperforation a drawback for you? The paper is in the quite firmly, and you really can't see the microperforation easily.

  • I think microperforation is important to a lot of folks, especially in the top-staplebound pads. If you didn't tear the sheets out, then by the time you get to the end of the notepad, you would have a whole fat wad of paper folded over the top.

  • Steven A Horvat

    No I like the Dot-pads they are really nice and you can tear it out is great too. just the notebooks that are like a journal that bugs me cause I had one in the past I used for notes and the pages would fall out after awhile and it was annoying. For a top staple-bound notepad the micro-perforation is welcomed just for me not the side that's all.

  • Ah, gotcha.