Online Smaragd (Emerald) Ink Review

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Online is a brand out of Germany that most people have never heard of. They only have a few inks, one of which is Online Smaragd (Emerald), a name you likely won’t forget. It’s a nice green color, with it’s most notable feature being it’s amazing shading. To bring out this characteristic, I decided to use my incredibly wet violet Lamy Studio with a 14k broad nib (limited edition, now discontinued).

The Online bottles are almost like little toys compared to much larger ink bottles, they are only 15ml! It’s basically impossible to fill almost any pen from even a new bottle of the ink, so be ready to decant, fill directly into your converter, or bust out your ink syringe for this one.

The ink is nice though, let’s take a look:

Dry time is long, water resistance is low, so this isn’t an ink for writers on the go. Ha! I totally didn’t mean for that to rhyme, I swear! If you have a little time to sit and wait, this ink will flow wet for you and shade like few other inks will.

The green color is nice, not too yellow, not too blue. I would say it leans a little more towards the blue than yellow, but not by much. Here are some other brands of ink that are comparable to Smaragd (at least in color):

At $6 for 15ml, it’s not the cheapest ink out there, but it is nice for a crazy shading green ink. If that’s something that excites you, then it might be worth giving it a try (at least in a sample).

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  • Very pretty green (or emerald)! Aside from the long dry-time, it looks like it could be my ideal green ink. High shading, beautiful color, wet-flow, not too saturated, and sold by my favorite retailer. 😉

    Definitely going to have to sample this one.

    It is too bad that the bottles are so small though. 😐

    BTW – I really love the "splatter" pictures you're doing at the end of each review. Those are really cool looking!

  • Freddy77mac

    It's the shading that really intrigues me about this ink.  I would have liked to have seen a sample in a fine or medium nib to see what the shading looks like.

  • Sven Opitz

    Too blue for my liking, but look at that shading! The bottle size is a real shame, I always thought that J. Herbin was small, but this is tiny. I have to think about it, but I guess I will have to buy a bottle some day, just for the shading.
    BTW, nice that your ink reviews are now in colour land, black and blue is okay, but off this beaten track is my ink wonderland 😉
    I like the pen, I have it in black, but I like that colour…

  • This is a nice green, it seems to shade more than other greens. I agree, I wish the bottles were bigger!

    I'm really glad you said something about my splatter! I'm having fun doing them 🙂

  • Maybe I'll get to that later on. When I do these reviews there's always going to be something someone wants to see that I've left out….but I have to keep things simple.

  • Haha, I'm surprised more people haven't been saying something about my all black and blue in reviews 😉 I didn't intend for them to work out like that, it's just how it's happened. I like blues, so I'll probably review a lot of those over time, but I will definitely look to branch out more here in the near future.

  • How strange! I bought a bottle way back when (I think it was around March?) during ski week at Taiwan. The color of mine is much, much more blue, and much brighter. It looks more like a turquoise!

  • How about that! We've only been carrying Online for a little over a month, and all the ink we've seen come through here is the color I have in the review. Perhaps they made a reformulation? I'll inquire about it.

  • Freddy77mac

    Yes, I realize about keeping it simple.  It was just a wish.  I'm just glad to see the reviews, really. 😉

  • This looks very nice and I like the shading. By the name (Online) I thought it might be Chinese, I was surprised to find out it's actually German.