We Got a Little Shaken Up Today…

Something quite unusual for Central Virginia, we experienced the first earthquake that I can remember in my lifetime! The epicenter hit about 30 miles west of our GPC shop, and we’re told it was a 5.9, the largest quake to hit Virginia since 1897!

The Washington Post has writeup about it, here.

We had some pretty scary shaking going on, but no harm done to anyone or anything at GPC headquarters. Our house and shop was visibly shaking, and we could see our cars rocking back and forth in the driveway. Things were moving on our walls, but nothing fell. We could feel the quake for a total of about 20-25 seconds, with 10 seconds of some pretty aggressive shaking. Everyone around central Virginia is kind of freaking out a little bit because this just isn’t the kind of thing that happens around here every day. Our phone service is intermittent, but for right now our power and internet is all working as normal, so we’ll continue working as usual.

We just wanted to let you all know that even though we were close to the center of the earthquake, we’re all okay and things are going to keep rolling along as usual.

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  • MrsGouletPens
  • Wow, I'm in Greensboro, NC and I felt it during my class today.

  • Pat

    I am so happy to read that you guys are okay! That was a pretty scary 20-25 seconds for me too (Southern Maryland). Now, you'll have even more stuff to talk about at Write Time at 9. Good times!

  • Guest

    Not the chair!!!!!

  • William McFarland

    I am glad you and your family are safe.

  • Penemuel

    Glad you are safe! We actually had items fall off shelves and shift in cabinets, and we're further north of you. O_o

  • Freddy77mac

    Thank goodness everyone is okay.  My sister called me from central New Jersey to say she felt it, a friend in Manhattan felt it, as did an acquaintance on Long Island.  I live in San Diego and have felt a few in my time.  You never get used to them.  I'm just thankful that no one seems to have been hurt. 

  • Mac Addicted

    Glad everything is OK, but geez a 6.0 is just enough to get me to stand up with thoughts towards leaving. 

  • Haha, well, there's not much to talk about (thankfully!). It was a surprising event, but not anything that concerns us anymore 🙂

  • We have friends and family that felt it all the way up in NY, too!

  • We are, all is okay 🙂

  • My parents had some stuff falling off of shelves, but we were relatively unscathed.

  • The news reports are saying that it was really not that big of a deal, which I'm glad to hear.

  • Haha, yeah I hear ya. It's not that it was a violet quake, but just that we haven't had an earthquake you can feel…well, long before I was born! It was more of a surprise factor, like if Los Angeles got a blizzard or something!

  • Sbchad

    So glad you're all OK. We've felt smaller quakes here in VA but this one is by far the biggest. We left California after the very big 1970 quake and were glad to leave. But nature is always all around us wherever we are. We're giving thanks that  reports say everyone came out of this one alive. Stay well and keep on writing…. Sheila in Herndon, just outside DC

  • Frederico

    I'm in Brazil and I read about that in CNN.com. The first thing I thought was "Oh! That was close to the Goulets". Glad to know everything is fine.

  • cnulhu

    Felt it here in Montgomery County, Maryland, just outside of DC. First impression was of course, "Terrorist Attack!" then, "Oh, man, the neighbours are up to something again…" and then, "Oh, of course, it's an earthquake."

    Hope no ink bottles were shattered or pens damaged (though, if they were, we'd love to see them on the Bottom Shelf!), indeed, it's good that we can all laugh
    about it afterwards (I was about to post the picture of the "damage" in
    someone's lawn, but Rachel beat me to it).

  • Glad you are ok!!!
    We felt it all the way up in Boston this afternoon too! Very strange sensation for sure.

  • CatBookMom

    Speaking from Southern California, the land of shakes and quakes, glad that you are all OK.   Seeing your world literally rock is a crazy experience, and your 20+ seconds is a long one – bet it felt like a lot longer. 

  • kp288908

    Glad to hear that you guys are alright!  I read a news report saying that the tremors were felt all the way up through New Hampshire.  I didn't notice a thing here in Connecticut….which is OK by me!  =) 

  • Rhea

    So glad you posted that you're all alright!  Pretty scary.

  • Essensia

    Thank you for posting to say you're okay! Was watching the news with my significant whatever-he-is. I said, "Wow, I hope the Goulets are okay! And if so, let's hope they're not dealing with thousands of broken ink bottles." His response: "There's a significant quake on the eastern seaboard and you're worried about your INK SUPPLY?" Me: "That is NOT what I said!"

  • Glad to hear everyone is OK.

  • Yeah, I don't remember ever feeling a quake living in Virginia all my life. We actually have amazingly few natural disasters of any kind around here, so having anything like this is quite unexpected! I'm really glad no one was hurt on this one.

  • That was our first thought too! Actually, the buildup was kind of gradual, at first I thought it was a big truck driving by (we're close to a road), then I thought it was a train going by (we're kind of close to a train), then I thought it was a large helicopter or fleet of them going overhead (we're also close to an airport!), then I thought I was just plain going crazy!! When things started shaking in the shop and we could see the cars moving in the driveway, that's kind of when we kind of knew that something crazy was going on!

  • Holy cow! You felt it all the way up there? My goodness! I heard on the news that because of the way the plates are here on the East Coast, that we feel earthquake more sensitively than on the West Coast…

  • Yeah, it was really a mind-altering experience, especially because earthquakes aren't even in the back of our minds around here. There are at least 10 other things that ran through my mind that I thought it could be before I figured out it was a quake!

  • Wow, that's crazy!

  • Thanks! Yeah, we figured it would be good to just let everyone know we're all okay since we're so close to where all the action was. Thankfully it wasn't all that serious after all, but I'm still amazed to hear that it was felt for hundreds of miles and no one was hurt!

  • Hahaha! I don't think you're the only one to think about us too. We had a lot of emails and Tweets and FB comments asking how we were doing, so I thought it would be best to post here on the blog 😉 I can assure you, no ink bottles were harmed in today's quake…I'm sure some looking in the Bottom Shelf will be sad to hear that 😉

  • Thank you! Life seems to be back to normal again (well, as normal as it is around here!).

  • Groat

    My order was placed an hour or so before the earthquake, my order was shipped a few hours after the earthquake. Now that's dedication!

  • Darn right! We aren't going to let some little earthquake stop us from getting things done….bing bang bong! 😉

  • Sven Opitz

    I have experienced only one earthquake in my time and it was 1/1000th the strength of yours (3.2) and over before I realized what it was. I am so glad you are all okay and your shop isn't BSB blue all around 😉
    However, if your packages are anything to go by, a mere earthquake never had a chance to damage a single bottle of ink in your shop 😉

  • Haha, well I'm not going to say we have our whole shop bubblewrapped like we do for our packages….but we do have all of the floors padded so if we drop a bottle of ink it won't break! We figured that one out the hard way two or three times 😉

  • I remember when I was in law school and the 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit Central Virginia. My apartment shook, and it was very unsettling. Of course, a 5.8 is a whopping 89 times stronger than the 4.5. Down here in Danville, some apparently felt yesterday's quake. I was not one of them. I think maybe I was in a car and that's why. 

  • Yeah, it was a doozy, for sure!

  • Tim (Seattle)

    Holy Guacamole!  Good to read that everyone's okay.  Hope this rare earthquake in Virginia doesn't have any connection to the unsettling politics going on in Washington. We had a 6.9 earthquake in the other Washington (state) about 10 years ago. Take care and hang in there! 

  • I'm glad you guys are ok. Must have been freaky to experience a quake in a region where it's very unlikely. I have experience with quakes but even then you get these primordial chills.

  • Sometimes I wish the earth would open up and swallow Capitol Hill! 😉

  • Yeah, it was pretty freaky. Now every time a large truck drives by my house and I can feel it a little bit I pause for a second!