Thursday, August 25, 2011

Write Time 8/24/11, with recorded chat!!

For those who still like the 'old' format of the video, here it is too:

Watch live video from Write Time at 9 on Justin.tv

It's a first for Write Time, a recorded chat! We finally figured out how to do a screen capture recording while doing the live broadcast, which allows you to see the chat after the fact. Yay! The audio's not quite synched up, which bothers me but not enough to import it, adjust it, export it, and reupload it to YouTube, so you'll just have to deal with that :P I'll see if I can do anything to fix that for next week.

I'll be honest, it's a lot of work to do the screen capture with the chat recording, and the results were not quite what I was hoping for. I have been getting a lot of feedback that the old way was better, and it's certainly less time and effort for me to leave the recordings the way they were instead of doing them with the chat. If you like the chat, speak up, because unless I get some really positive feedback about it, I don't think I'll continue doing it.

Here's everything we covered (basically):

  • TWSBI 540 to land soon!
  • Kaweco (new Classic Sport and ICE Sport colors, calligraphy sets)
  • Lamy (new pen colors)
  • Private Reserve DC Super Violet ink
  • Sheaffer 100's, 300's, Prelude's, and VFM's
  • J.B.'s Perfect Pen Flush
  • Taccia pens (Savanna, Doric, Legato)
  • Wood pen cases (trying to gauge interest in them)
  • Setting up an Ink Nouveau podcast (yup, it's happening)
  • September Ink Drop theme announcement
  • The Goulet Outlét clearance deals, what's up with that?!

Thanks to everyone who joined us live, it was fun as always :) 


  1. About the saved chat:
    As I use a netbook to watch this video, I went to justin, so I could see the cases. But I love the idea of the saved chat.
    About the boxes:
    Well I get a 50 pen box from Geoff, because I have quite some pens and all those solo boxes take a lot of space... So of course the single pen cases look nice, but they don't solve my storage problem. The bigger boxes look very nice, but that price is set for presentation, not storage. So I stay with Geoff (actually I think if the box is as nice as I hope it is, I may order a second one straight away).
    Ink drop:
    I know what the goodies will be, GPC ball point pens ;)
    If you think of destinations, do you think of private shorelines, too? That is my favourite shading ink I have to say, although most of my nibs don't really get it to shade that much.
    The perfect pen flush:
    That is something I am thinking about, because I can only use water to flush my pens. Yes, people always say use an ammonia solution, but the ammonia you talk about could translate to several very different products in Germany and as I like to keep my pens, I am shy to use them as guinea pigs.
    Twsbi 540:
    Not for me, I have and love the 530, but I will wait for the smoked demo with an italic nib and that may take a while. I guess longer than my 5 FPN pens ( I am helpless when I see Italian pens)

  2. Ooh… goodies. Maybe a sample tray for the 12-months of ink samples. :p

  3. I did like seeing the recorded chat as it allowed me to keep up with what's going on. I think if I were to have watched it live I could have seen both the chat and video in a bigger screen.

  4. The video with chat has gotten mixed reviews. It's a TON more work and time for me to do, and I'll only keep it up if it's clearly popular.

    Geoff is the one I was trying to think of! I mentioned his cases in the broadcast but couldn't remember his name.

    I'll be doing a video on the pen flush here soon enough. It does help clean stubborn ink...more for dried ink than ones prone to staining though.

    I think the italic nibs and smoke demo TWSBI's are only about a month or so away. We'll be updating as we find out more.

  5. Well, not really. The video only goes so big because of the bandwidth available through JustinTV, so even when I zoomed in on the video to try to make it bigger, it kept us small (though it did make the chat bigger). I'm working to see if I can get a technical workaround on that, but no solutions yet.

  6. At my house I have lots of bandwidth so I figured I could have the video full screen in one monitor and the chat on another one during the live stream.
    I think I'll also look into recording it from my end and see how that works.


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