Write Time Topics 8/10/11

We have good stuff to talk about tonight! It will be a special broadcast because it’s just a couple of days before our 5th wedding anniversary, and we’re having our ultrasound today to see what gender our little Goulet #2 is! If you have some time at 9pm EDT come by here and see us live to celebrate with us on that, as well as talk some ‘business’ stuff:

  • Aston leather pen cases (single slip, 10-pen case and 20-pen case)
  • TWSBI Diamond 540 pens soon to be offered at GPC
  • Upcoming DC pen show, which we will be attending

We’ll be sharing stories of how we both met and what we’ve gone through as a couple over the nearly 10 years we’ve been together and 5 years of marriage. Come by and see us tonight if you can 🙂

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  • Nicky

    Very exciting! 

  • TWSBIs too? Wow. You guys are growing and growing – so excited for you, Rachel and the crew.

  • Congratulations, Brian and Rachel, on your fifth year together. All good wishes for Little Goulet #2.