Write Time Topics: 8/17/11 with Brian Gray!

If you have the time, it’ll be well worth it tonight to drop in to see us and Brian Gray (by phone) live at 9pm EDT for Write Time. Tonight, we’ll have a jam-packed night, probably going longer than usual talking about:

Whew! That’s going to be a lot to cover, we’ll have to see how much we can get through! It’ll be an informative night and with Brian Gray on the line, it’s bound to be a good time! Stop by and see us if you can.

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    • Alright, lots of good stuff, can't wait to see the broadcast.

    • Terry Miller

      You continue to pick the best colors from the Edison line. The cappuccino and persimmon are fantastic!! The silver marble and cobalt are a VERY close second to the other two. I've wanted an Edison for over a year and your prices allows many of us to own one of these fine writing instruments. A great service both Brians are providing…thanks guys!

    • Brian has good taste 😉 You're very welcome for offering the pens at a lower price….I know this was a goal for Brian Gray and the 'production' process allows him to do this successfully.

    • Brian Gray

      //The cappuccino and persimmon are fantastic!!//

      Definitely MOST Fantastic!

    • MrsGouletPens

      And TWSBI is still coming, totally forgot to mention that! 🙂

    • Yes, fantastic!!!

    • Whoops! That's what happens when we blog late at night when we're tired…we forget important things like TWSBI!