Write Time Topics: 8/24/11

It’s time again for another Write Time with me (Brian) and Rachel Goulet. Come and visit us here at 9pm EDT tonight to talk about:

  • TWSBI 540 to land soon!
  • Kaweco (new Classic Sport and ICE Sport colors, calligraphy sets)
  • Lamy (new pen colors)
  • Private Reserve DC Super Violet ink
  • Sheaffer 100’s, 300’s, Prelude’s, and VFM’s
  • J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush
  • Taccia pens (Savanna, Doric, Legato)
  • Wood pen cases (trying to gauge interest in them)
  • Setting up an Ink Nouveau podcast (yup, it’s happening)
  • September Ink Drop theme announcement
  • The Goulet Outlét clearance deals, what’s up with that?!

Plus more, as time allows! Wow….we’re going to have another busy broadcast…

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  • Can't wait lots of things I am interested in hearing about, the podcast is especially interesting.

  • Yes, we sure do have a lot to talk about! I don't know how we keep having so much every week, it seems like it's easier and easier for us to go well over an hour 😉

  • Sven Opitz

    Wooden pencases? Just after I ordered one? You are cruel!
    Well, I found a good wooden case for 50 pens, so I guess I will survive… 🙂

  • It always seems to work like that, huh? Well, we made a contact at the DC pen show who linked us up to these cases, and we want to see what everyone thinks before we decide to carry them or not. We'll be talking about them a bit tonight.

  • Bummed that the ONLINE pens are being cleared out, they are hidden gems that seem to fall off the radar.
    I was planning to pick some up when funds allowed, but if they are not selling you can't hold on to them indefinitely.