Diamine Denim, Eclipse, Macassar, Meadow, and Wild Strawberry

The 5 newest Diamine colors are in! I must say, I’m pretty impressed. Diamine has a slew of older colors that frankly just don’t crank my tractor, but these new ones all seem to be headed in the right direction. I’ve been impressed with Diamine’s latest additions to their ink line like Syrah, Red Dragon, and Oxblood, and these new inks continue that darker, more saturated ink trend.

I just got them in so I have yet to ink them up in my pens, but I am eager to do so. I thought a general overview would be helpful here to introduce you to the first round of the 20 new Diamine colors coming out in the next year. These are now regular colors that are going to be available, so I’m eager to hear what you all think once you start trying them for yourselves.
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  • Ron Gilmour

    Thanks, Brian! This kind of information is really useful. I really like hearing about how new inks compare to those I might already have.  Like you, I'm especially drawn to the Eclipse and Denim.

  • Ooo Meadow and Wild Strawberry look great!

  • Freddy77mac

    Brian, another excellent review.  I have to assume that the swabs shown with the bottles under the video review are way more accurate than what I see in the review itself.  I honestly thought the Eclipse was closer to Diamine Grey (my favorite gray) in the video.  Also, the Diamine Denim looked washed out in the video but I fell in love with it in the bottle/swab photo.  In the video, all of the colors looked boring which surprised me as I quite like many of Diamine's colors.  Then, looking at the photos, both Denim and Meadow really caught my attention. 

  • Nicky

    I think they chose the perfect name for Denim – it really reminds me of a comfy pair of jeans!

  • Steven A Horvat

    I'm liking the Denim, Its defiantly on my wish list! common ink drop!

  • You're welcome! Ideally, I would have liked to have the time to ink them up and do full reviews, but a vacation and moving our business kind of got in the way! I'm going to get to it when things settle down a bit around here.

  • Meadow is really cool, VERY close to Kelly Green.

  • The actual color of the ink is hard to portray on a computer screen, both in video and pictures! In this post I have 3 different things all going on….the individual swabs with the bottles are a colors-adjusted scan, intended to be the most accurate. The group shot with the bottle is a photograph, and I could only adjust but so well because of the lighting conditions and the fact that any adjustment I made would affect all of the ink swabs. The video is probably the least accurate, because I'm very limited in what post-production color adjustment I can do with it.

    I try to do the best I can, but bottom line is that there's nothing like trying it for yourself. That's why samples are so important. I just wanted to show what inks these new Diamines were close to so that if you have any practical experience with the comparison inks, you can get an idea what the new inks are like even if the color accuracy on your screen is less than ideal.

  • Definitely! They nailed that one 😉

  • Haha….no promises for Ink Drop….but maybe!