Write Time 9/21/11

Watch live video from Write Time at 9 on Justin.tv

Here’s what we talked about on the 9/21/11 broadcast:

  • Launching the Purple Premiere
  • Lamy Ruby Al-Stars
  • Noodler’s Ahab Flex pens
  • 5 new Diamine inks (Eclipse, Denim, Macassar, Meadow, and Wild Strawberry)
  • Timeline for new stuff (TWSBI 540 and ROC-100, new Kaweco colors, flex pens)
  • Noodler’s rollerball pens in varying colors
Thanks to everyone who joined us live, we’ll be back on Oct. 5th!
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  • I wasn't able to watch the video (satellite internet quibbles), but I did see the picture of the new Diamine colors.

    They all look nice! Diamine has been doing some great work recently. I need to try them all, but mostly the brown and green one.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Sorry you couldn't see the broadcast, that's why there's the recording 😉 Yeah, the new Diamines are nice, and these weren't even the ones I'm most excited about! I am dying to see the Sargasso Sea and Ancient Copper! I'll have a video coming out this Saturday on the Diamine inks too, in much more detail than what I talked about here.

  • Nicky

    Awesome Write Time, guys. I'm really excited about the Ruby Red Al-Star. It's pretty much my favourite shade of red. Also, I'm in love with the purple Premiere. While we're on the topic of colours, I really like the new Diamine inks. Denim is my favourite for some reason. It's just got a nice depth. 

    If you have the time or inclination, I'd like to hear more about the Celluloid. Obviously a lot of work has gone into making the faceted pen, which makes it worth more, but I guess I'm wondering if it writes like an $800 pen (read: extremely well.) I figure they wouldn't scrimp on the nib if they put so much effort into everything else and I know it's 14k gold, but sadly I've known people who've bought very pretty and expensive pens that just don't fulfil writing expectations for whatever reason. 

  • RGH

    Nice Write Time.

    I'd just like to agree about moving away from single colour ink drops. The last couple where there were several different colours have been really fun. For example I really enjoyed getting the North African Violet, but I don't think I'd ever order a bottle, just becasue it's alittle too bright for me to have a huge amount of use for. (The 2 mls in my extra fine pilot will last for ages anyway – good for correcting manuscripts in a stand out colour) . But I probably would have been less thrilled if I'd got 5 shades of violet/purple etc. Yet if I received another violet in the next 4 ink drops I'd probably still be really happy.In some respects it's also more fun to go back and say "Oh yeah, how does it compare with last month's?" Which is what I did with the Epinard and the Sherwood, or the Havana and the Grand Canyon.

    Very excited to see your custom ink!

    Incidentally have you had a look at the Clairefontaine Crok's? I know that you previewed them in January and I've seen some European reviews, I wasa wondering if they've come to the States yet?

    Thanks again for having a fun informative and interesting broadcast!

  • I'm glad you liked this Write Time! We've had some exciting stuff to talk about lately, and that's going to keep on going for a while too.

    As for the Celluloid, I'm happy to talk more about it. I haven't inked it up and written with it myself yet, but I have it on my 'to-do' list. It's always hard with expensive pens to describe the right writing expectation….there is obviously going to be a law of diminishing returns for the way pens write and the price you pay…once you get north of the $100-150 pens, pretty much everyone expects any pen to write really well. What makes it cost much more is things like design, availability (like limited edition stuff), materials used, difficulty of manufacture, etc.

  • Carole

    Diamine Ancient Copper!!!   Seems like we've been waiting forever!  Even longer than for iPhone 5.  LOL

    I'll keep checking  for your 'notify me' window .   😉

  • Thanks for your input, I feel kind of the same way. We're going to try to stay away from single-color themed Ink Drops, unless there's a dynamite reason to do it.

    As for the Crok's, I don't think those are anything coming into the US soon 🙁