Write Time 9/7/11

Watch live video from Write Time at 9 on Justin.tv

After a week off because of bad weather and a power outage, we were back with a bunch to talk about! Here’s what we covered in this broadcast:

  • What was going on around here in the last 2 weeks, why I haven’t blogged much
  • Noodler’s UK and Russian ink colors
  • Noodler’s Ahab Flex Pens
  • TWSBI 540 pens
  • PR DC Super Violet
  • Ink Drop Anniversary colors
  • A future vote for a 4th Edison Nouveau Premiere color! (coming soon)

Thanks to everyone that joined us live, we had a great time!

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  • Stephen Nugent

    Is this going to be put on youtube as well?   

  • I'm so excited about the new premiere color! Thanks for pushing for us gals rachel! 😉

  • Not this week, sorry to say. It's a lot of time and effort for me to upload them to YouTube, I'm still trying to find a good way to do it so that it saves me more time.

  • Haha, yeah, Rachel's pick (the Cappuccino) was the homerun color, so we let her choose the initial selection for the 4th Premiere color. We'll be posting the poll for the color choice on the blog next week!

  • I have a weird "four finger grip" too!

  • Nicky

    I'm excited about it too, I love purple pens. 

  • Christina Pham

    Cameras usually have a problem with purples, its not just your webcam, but thank you so much for the work you do color-adjusting the swatches!
    Regarding the new Noodler's pen, do you know if Nathan is permanently adding the Ahab to the line? And is the original slimmer version going to keep being produced or is it going to get gradually phased out?

  • You're right….purples, blues, greens, and oranges/yellows are always hard to color adjust on a computer! You're welcome for the swatches, they are certainly no easy task to adjust 😛

    The Ahab pen is going to be a new 'regularly offered' pen, and I use that term loosely because so far none of the Noodler's flex pens have been 'regular'! Ahabs will be a permanent addition to the line though, even if the supply is low. It should be better than in the past though, because each feed is not required to be heat set by Nathan, that was the holdup with previous flex pens.

    The 'old' smaller flex pens are still going to be offered too, with a redesigned feed to make them more regularly available (again, the heat setting thing was the holdup previously).

  • Penemuel

    Looking at those Russian inks, they seem to have a somewhat chalky/opaque quality to them. How do they behave in pens? The thought of bulletproof/fluorescent purple is definitely appealing, but I'm not good with high-maintenance inks…

  • I haven't had a chance to ink any of them up in my pen yet, but they definitely have a chalky look to them on my swabs, much like the other Eternal inks do like La Reine Mauve, Luxury Blue, and Fox Red. I'm supposing that whatever it is in these inks that makes them eternal gives it that chalky look. They're also going to be more maintenance than your non-eternal inks out there. As a general assumption, you can pretty much count on permanent inks being more maintenance in your pens than non-permanent inks. That's kind of a broad statement, but the message I'm trying to get across is that these inks won't be 'low' maintenance, just be aware of that.

  • Penemuel

     Thanks! That's kind of what I was figuring, but good to get confirmation. I might go with samples first & see how it goes.

  • That's a great way to go about it.