November Flexpocalypse!

We’ve learned and improved from the October Flexpocalypse, and we’re ready for another after just two weeks! A shorter wait and the highest number of pens we’ve ever had ought to give you the best chance ever to get the color flex pens you’ve wanted.

We’ll be listing them for sale at at 12pm (noon) EDT on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011.

We have greater quantities of all of the pens than ever before, especially Clear, Jade, and Lapis Inferno. This is going to be the smoothest and (hopefully) most drama-free Noodler’s Flex Pen release we’ve ever had. See you there!

2017-10-11T13:09:49+00:00 October 30th, 2011|Pen News|8 Comments
  • ronhockman

    Any updates on the Ahab?

  • Yay, can't wait. I <3 my panther pen, looking forward to being able to get a demonstrator ;D Now to find the perfect pink ink…

  • David

    The next Flexpocalypse is coming, and my pens from the last one are still in the mail.
    This is cruel. Damn you, First-Class Mail International!  😉
    Looking forward to order some nice ink to test.

  • Michelle

    I was in school at the time and oh man.. I was secretly checking my phone every minute before 12 to make sure I didn't miss anything ahaha. 

  • Still no definite date, but we're looking at having them in the next couple of weeks.

  • We finally had clears in stock for more than 30 minutes! Between the January, June, and October releases, we hardly had clear flex pens in stock for more than an hour (combined!). That's one hour all year that we've had these pens in stock. Crazy! We still have some now though, even days after the November release.

  • I would like to say I'm sorry for having another release so soon, but I'm not! 😉 Finally we have enough pens to allow anyone who wants them to get them without 'drama'. 

  • Hopefully we didn't keep you from paying attention too much in class 😉