Write Time 10/19/11

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for yesterday’s broadcast! Believe it or not, we actually kept it to just over an hour…I can’t remember the last time we did that!!! The chat was lively and we covered fun stuff like:

  • This past week’s Noodler’s Flex Pen release and all the madness that ensued
  • What we’re going to improve for future releases of in-demand products (like Ahabs)
  • Incoming De Atramentis and Rohrer and Klingner inks
  • TWSBI arrival dates dates
  • Moving our business
  • October’s ink drop theme and colors
  • Purple Heart ink

It was nice to kick back and chill out with you all. We’re finally settling in to our new place, and though we’ve been really swamped, we’re finally hitting a groove. We have some really exciting things planned for our website and blog in the coming months and we’re really eager to share them all with you (when they’re more materialized). Join us live next week for more chatting at 9pm EDT for Write Time.

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  • Guest

    I missed the broadcast this week – am I dreaming, or does that really say incoming De Atramentis up there, as in, you're really getting it??

  • Yup, we're getting about 150 colors of De Atramentis and the full R&K line. It'll take a little time because we have to get it direct from Germany, but you'll see it in the next month or so. Now that we have moved and have a little more space, we have some options!